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Dominated bride   (rated 6.3 with 34433 ratings) 
A young bride turns into a submissive slut,but not by her husband but by an old blackman

The Debutants - Part 1   (rated 8.0 with 198 ratings) 
As a photographer, I've seen a lot of amazing people and places, but nothing has been quite as exciting as the night my buddy and I were asked to film his boss's daughter's birthday party!

The birth of a slut! Part 1   (rated 5.6 with 41 ratings) 
learn as this innocent woman turns into a slut only wanting more and risking everything and she turns pain into pleasure

The birth of a slut! part 9   (rated 7.3 with 15 ratings) 
Lets see how sandy continues her story in a whorehouse

The birth of a slut! part 8   (rated 10.0 with 12328 ratings) 
Sandy gets drugged and gets a job done, followed by a great fucking by her doctor

The birth of a slut! part 7   (rated 5.7 with 7 ratings) 
Sandy gets ordered to pleasure herself and enjoys every moment of it. She also finishes her fuckening

The birth of a slut! part 6   (rated 5.7 with 19 ratings) 
Sandy gets pierced in multiple places, and then fucked straight in her pussy like she deserved it, by a stranger

The birth of a slut! part 5   (rated 5.8 with 14 ratings) 
Sandy gets waxed, and fucked in both holes

The birth of a slut! part 4   (rated 7.1 with 8 ratings) 
Heel fucking and rubbing, anal plugs and vibrators make sandy's day

The birth of a slut! part 3   (rated 5.2 with 12 ratings) 
Sandy continues her shopping, gets fucked by an attendant and get pussy waxed painfully

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Adult Humor
Ha-ha-ha!!! Have You ever tried to fuck laughing or to laugh fucking?:) Get in and let's try alltogether.
Anal Stories
Do You like to fuck in ASS?:) Or probably You like to be fucked in Your Ass?:) This category is For You!
BDSM Stories
You like to be dominated? Or to dominate? This is Your category. Bondage and submission!
Bisexual Stories
If You like both girls and boys your possiblities are UNLIMITED:)) It means You can fuck anyone! Get in and read stories about allfuckers!
Celebrities Stories
Common!! EVERYONE dreams to fuck a Celebrity! I do and You do :) This category is for us:) Get in and read stories about lucky girls and boys who fucked a celebrity!
Cheating Stories
Cheating is NOT GOOD!!! and of'course we DO NOT CHEAT:) We just get in this category and read stories about BAD cheaters!
Cum Stories
Hmm cum stories.... These stories will make You cum...
The heroes of these stories have already cum;)
Dating Stories
Dating stories - sexy stories about dating. Nude russian dating. Stories about sexy girls from all countries of the world.
Erotic Horror
Thrilling horror sex stories:)
Erotic Poetry
Do You like poems:) or verses?:) Well we don't have Shakespeare or Burns here.....but You will find many interesting and hot poems;)
Erotic Straight Stories
What can I add?:) Just hardcore straight stories.. About boys and girls:) women and men:) fucking in natural way lol:)
Ethnic Stories
Fetish Stories
This broad category of fetish stories covers all kinds of fetishism activities, whether they be for feet, latex, smoking, pantyhose, stockings, rubber, high heels, and even balloons! Feel free to write about your favorite fetishes in this section, and don't worry, there are sure to be other people who share the love of your particular fetish.
First Time Stories
Stories about first time sexual experience;)
Forced Sex
This sexy young bitch-secretary just must be fucked!!! We need to find a way to force her, because it looks like she doesn't want to fuck:)
Gay Stories
Well.... just gay stories:) or stories about gays
Group Stories
Group sex is sexual behaviour involving more than two participants at the same time. You like the idea to fuck 2 or more girls ?:) or probably to fuck one tigether with Your friend?:) So this category is for You... Read our stories and submit Yours
Incest Stories
Family hardcore : Mother, Son, Dad, Daughter, Grandparents
Lesbian Stories
MMMMmmmmm Lesbians:))) I am a man but when I see lesbians sometimes I t hink I am a lesbian too:)) Let's read stories about hot women who don't need us :)
Loving Wives
You are a loving husband? And You have a lovin wive?:)) Are You sure You are the only one she loves and spend time together?:) Let's read and find out the truth about wives:)
Mature Stories
Just mature sex stories:) We are not getting younger, aren't we?
NonConsent and Reluctance stories
Erotic sexual fantasies of control and being controlled. Fantasies of being in total control and taking what you want and fantasies of being taken and the exhilaration of strange hands, strange dick in and on you. Fantasies of female domination.
AAAAAAAAA probably it's time to rename X-files to XXX-files?:))) I don't read this stories because I am afraid I will like them....
Romance Stories
Sci-Fi and Fantasy stories
Sex in Public Stories
Yeah.. Sex can be in public. Read it now.. or tell the world about Your public sex experience!
Stories dedicated to swingers
Teen Stories
Do You like teens? I bet You do... This category is for You!
Toys and Masturbation stories
Have You ever masturbated?:) Statistics say 85% of people masturbate:) Looks like 15% are just lying:) So let's readsturbate:)
Transsexual Stories
Stories about transsexuals and crossdessers
True Stories
True stories. Real stories from our readers' life. Read the stories n this group and share Yours!
Voyeur and Exhibitionist Stories
I bet You know what these stories are about...

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