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Pirate Abduction

Author: IamAlpha
Category: BDSM_Stories
Last updated: Nov 18, 2007

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It was an odd mix between a Capricorn male and an Aries female. In their 25 years together, their bond grew and became better with each passing year. Both were ambitious in their jobs and they found that living in separate houses enabled them keep enough distance between them that they could approach each other with an enthusiasm often lost by those who see their lover every day.

While Janet wasn't his first lover, she opened Jim's heart and helped him grow from an immature youth into a kind, gentle man. For his part, he kept her grounded by looking out for her moods and pushing her to relax when the pressures of her job caused her to forget to take care of herself. Over the length of their relationship, as so often happens, their sex life had cooled to the point of near extinguishment as they focused more on their love and less on lust. Partly, this happened because the hours they spent together each weekend didn't allow time for much spontaneity, and partly, it came from hormonal changes as he aged.

In his 50th year, Jim discovered the cause of his imbalance and, as he began treatment, his libido returned. One Sunday morning, after they had finished reading the paper, he announced that he wanted to change their sex life from once a year, whether they needed it or not, to at least weekly. Jim also asked her to become more proactive about sex, to dress in more revealing clothes, to flash him occasionally, and even to stroke him through his clothes to tease him. Janet smirked at the thought, but also quickly made it clear that this was a radical change for her and she would have to work into it. Meanwhile, he began studying sexuality and seduction, both to lure her back to bed and to become a better lover.

One of Jim's lifelong fantasies was to dominate a woman, to have a sex slave who would do whatever he asked of her, without question. As a teenager, he and his high school girlfriend had experimented with bondage. While Jim never enjoyed inflicting pain for its own sake, he had learned that a well-timed slap on the rump or even turning his lover over his knee and spanking her could be a real turn-on to them both. When he suggested tying Janet up in the early years of their relationship, she balked, saying she wasn't sure she could trust him and that she's not into pain, so he dropped the idea. When similar results happened with other fantasies he suggested, he quit asking and their sex life stayed routine and conservative. It remained the one area they could not communicate about.

Recently, however, with his newly awakened libido, Jim blindfolded Janet as they started to make love and she both accepted being blindfolded and commented that she trusted him implicitly. He gently led her to the bed, and lovingly ravished her, and while she didn't think the blindfold helped or hindered her sensations, he was thrilled.

As his libido increased, Jim started looking for ways to explore his sexuality. At age 50, he felt that part of life had passed him by and he needed to take action in order to reclaim it. Janet cooperated when he suggested making love and invited him back to bed a few Sunday mornings when he had gotten up before she awoke, but the sex quickly began to seem repetitious. They always began with a lot of kissing, then he would take the lead as he kissed his way around her head, neck, and her upper chest. Eventually, he would come to her breasts and spend some time kissing and sucking on them before kissing his way to her abdomen and her thighs. About the time he started kissing her vulva, she would slide down the bed and pull him into a 69 position. This wasn't totally ideal because Jim wanted to concentrate on licking her pussy, but Janet usually got distracted and just held his cock as he sucked her lips and painted her clitoris with his tongue until she moaned in a violent, shuddering orgasm. When her orgasm was finished and she was too sensitive for further clitoral stimulation, Jim would shift off his knees and she would suck him until he came in her mouth. Each enjoyed the power they felt in bringing the other one off, but they repeated the same pattern each time they made love.

The plan

One Sunday, as Jim was reading the newspaper with Janet, he was struck with the idea of staging a pirate abduction as the theme for a weekend of sex. If he could dress like a pirate, talk like a pirate, and play the role, she might get off on its silliness and go along with it while he indulged his fantasies of control. He would need to arrange it all, renting a hotel room and getting all of the props, but it would allow him to introduce some bondage into their sex life, and maybe he could see if Janet's passivity about sex indicated a hitherto unrecognized submissiveness. Buoyed by this thought, he began scheming.

Since abduction is the first step and the theme, Jim focused on it first. He would need to look like a pirate. This meant a costume with a hat, puffy shirt, breeches, and perhaps a waistcoat. He would also need an eye patch, a cutlass and a flintlock pistol that he could shove into a wide silk belt, as well as a Jolly Roger flag to fly on his car. The Internet quickly provided several sources for all of these things, especially since plastic toy weapons would help provide silliness.

In addition to the pirate costume, Jim needed some basic bondage gear. Again turning to the Internet, he found some padded wrist and ankle restraints for a reasonable price, which started him thinking about how he would actually employ them. The wrist restraints, along with the blindfold he'd used before, would be enough to take Janet from the house to the car and get them started on their way. Once they reached the hotel, he would need a way to secure her in the room while maintaining the pirate theme. More searching online brought him to door restraints, which fit over a closed door and provide a place to clip wrist cuffs. This could serve as his ship's mast, where he would bind her for the crew's (his) enjoyment. He also found straps for tying her to the bed.

One more issue bothered him: No pirate scene is complete without someone walking the plank. How could he make her walk the plank? After mulling it over for a couple of days, Jim came up with a solution. Now that he had fleshed out the pirate theme and bondage, he set about planning the rest of the weekend to include sightseeing and a show.

The execution

While Jim wanted the details of the abduction to be a surprise, he knew he needed to coordinate a weekend excursion with Janet and let her know enough that she wouldn't fight him. He booked a hotel in a town near the bay, and mailed Janet an invitation telling her she had been selected for a fantasy weekend. Based on their recent weekend excursions, she knew this meant a weekend with quite a bit of sex and some other activities they enjoyed. Two days later, she came home to find a note stuck in her door warning that pirates had been seen in the neighborhood and people should be on the lookout for suspicious activity. The day before they planned to leave, she also found a note calling for crew interested in manning the Blue Bull to come to the local docks for interviews.

Friday Evening

On Friday, the start of their weekend, Jim called Janet to tell her he would be a little late and she should wait at home until he came to get her. Meanwhile, he dressed in his pirate costume, parked his blue Ford Taurus (the Blue Bull) around the corner from her house, and let himself into her house to await her arrival. When Janet arrived and went upstairs to freshen up, Jim emerged from his hiding place, pulled his cutlass from his belt and positioned himself to block her from coming back down.

Janet gasped when she saw him, then burst into peals of laughter at his appearance. Jim waited for the laughter to subside, and then he spoke:

"Avast me lady! Ye'll not be comin' this way till I'm ready." Janet giggled again.

"Aaarrrrr! 'Ave ye packed yer sea bag? Are ye ready to go?"


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