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The Honeymoon

Author: Zeta515
Category: BDSM_Stories
Last updated: Aug 3, 2008

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Acknowledgements: My very grateful thanks to AngelLove for agreeing to edit this story, for her very timely work, and her valuable suggestions and corrections.

Copyright 2006 by Zeta. All rights reserved.

Max woke up taking in his surroundings, his mind still somnolent and blank and confused at the unfamiliarity of the room around him. Before awareness and understanding could focus his thoughts, he felt Rose's arm draped over his waist and her breath on his neck. Understanding and comprehension returned in a sudden rush and Max remembered the events of the night before. He had been married to Rose yesterday, and last night he had lost both his virginity and innocence in the very bed and room in which he now lay. The surroundings were, of course, unfamiliar in part since this was Rose's bedroom and this was the first night he had slept there. As Max reflected on the events of last night, he blushed remembering what Rose had done to him and his reactions.

Max had been brought up by his sister, Miranda, and had lived with her until she introduced him to Rose. Max led a very sheltered life, dominated by his sister and kept sexually innocent and ignorant until last night. Rose ended his ignorance but not his innocence, at least not completely. Max recalled his sister's admonitions that he must do whatever Rose asked of him and that it was his duty to please her above all else. Max loved Rose and, of course did his best. Rose seemed to have been pleased, although the thought of what they had done together embarrassed him deeply. Max worried that Rose was not entirely pleased, since the evening ended with him crying himself to sleep in her arms. She had brought him to the verge of cumming but had refused him release, denying him the pleasure he had wanted so badly. Max had pleaded, then cried but to no avail; Rose had been harsh and firm in her denial and Max wept until he finally fell asleep.

As Max reflected on this new experience, Rose stirred and moving her arm, lay on her back and opened her eyes. "Good morning my pet! How did you sleep?"

"Well, thank you. And you Mistress?"

Rose smiled. Max had remembered to call her 'Mistress' as she had instructed and she was pleased. Moving her arms above her head, Rose stretched and said, "Wonderful. I can't remember sleeping so soundly in such a long time. It must have been all the exercise before bedtime."

Max blushed at the word 'exercise' and Rose's smile broadened. She was going to have such a wonderful time on her honeymoon. Max was absolutely delightful, just has Miranda had promised he would be. So innocent, even after last night; she hoped he would remain like this forever. Looking at the clock, she realized it was getting late. Past noon already! Miranda would be arriving shortly and she needed to get dressed.

"Time to get going," she said to Max. "Have a shower while I wake up a bit."

Max dutifully got up, naked and blushing, as she watched him enter the bathroom. As he showered, Rose reflected on the previous night and her plans for the day. She was really going to have to thank Miranda when she saw her. Max had been everything she had said and more. So very, very innocent! And a virgin too! She remembered his expression as her dildo penetrated his ass and his surprise when he ejaculated for the first time in front of a woman. God it made her horny to just think about it again! And she had a full week of more to come. Even better, when the honeymoon was over, and she had him all to herself, his training would begin in earnest.

Last night, she had given him some rudimentary instructions and had purposely denied him a final orgasm, just to set the tone. But oh! Training was going to be wonderful. But first things first. She would enjoy his extreme innocence during this week, their honeymoon. Max walked into the bedroom, a bath towel around his waist, unsure of what to do next. Rose looked at him and smiled slyly.

"No need for the towel, such modesty! Especially after last night!" Max blushed a deep red, but let the towel drop, his penis stiffening under Rose's gaze. "My, my, I can see you are well rested and ready to start the day." Max's blush deepened and Rose smiled. This was going to be such a fantastic week!

Reaching into the night stand drawer by her bed, Rose pulled out a white cloth and tossed it to Max. "Well since you are so modest, you can put this on." Max caught the bundled cloth and let it unwrap. It was a short white apron and the confused expression on his face made Rose laugh out loud. "Well, put it on! Or would you prefer to go around naked all day? Miranda is coming soon, and it doesn't make any difference to me whether you are naked or not."

At the mention of his sister, Max quickly tied on the 'apron' and stammered, "But, but . . . it's not . . . "

"Not what?"

"It does not cover me," said Max. "Isn't there something else? Miranda packed my clothes."

"I sent them home with her last night. As I told you, I am in complete control of your life, including what you wear. It pleases me for you to wear what you have on, unless of course, you wish to go naked."

"No, no please, this is fine," said Max, sensing that Rose was becoming angry.

"Good. Now go draw a bath for me. I need to get cleaned up before Miranda gets here."

Max turned and walked back into the bathroom and within a few seconds Rose could hear the water running, filling the tub. Getting out of bed, she stretched, removing some of the stiffness of sleep. Looking at her naked body in the mirror, Rose passed a critical eye over herself, noting various imperfections that would have remained unnoticed by anyone but herself. Rose was, in short, stunningly beautiful. Her body was voluptuous, full, and large. Her soft, large DD breasts were not the least of her wonderful physical features either. Thick thighs, a delightfully round ass, and full belly complemented her ample upper body, and made her striking to behold. Rose, frowned slightly at her appearance, a perfectionist to the end, sighed and moved toward the bathroom. Looking up from beside the tub, Max blushed at her naked body and looked away quickly.

Rose smiled to herself again at his obvious bashfulness, and stepped into the tub, settling into the warm water, and luxuriating at the feel of the soothing liquid running over her beautiful body. Max stood up, turning to leave, but she called him back, "Where do you think you're going? Part of your daily duties is attending to my physical needs, not just my sexual ones. This includes my bath."

Max, turned and stood looking at the floor and stammered, "But I thought you wanted privacy . . . you're naked and . . . and . . . "

"And what?"

"Well . . . I . . . it's just . . . "

Rose was enjoying his discomfort, but restrained her display of humor. After all, if she was to get anywhere with breaking him in, she would need to impose some authority and discipline. "We're married and you saw me naked last night just as I saw you naked. You need to overcome these silly inhibitions. It's your duty to serve me as I see fit, and this includes the bath. Would you have me bathe fully clothed?

"No," said Max softly, still staring at the floor and blushing.

"Good, then get over here and help me."

"Yes Mistress," said Max, stepping slowly to the side of the tub.

"Now kneel down beside me, get the soap and the sponge and wash me."

Max looked at the soap and sponge on the opposite wall of the tub, as if they were a thousand miles away. Slowly he reached out, taking both and being careful not to touch Rose, dipped them in the water and slowly soaped the sponge. When he was finished, Max hesitated, looking at Rose though the clear water, searching for a spot to begin, trying not to look at her breasts and pussy, desperately seeking a neutral territory to begin the intimate task of cleaning his Mistress.

After of few moments (during which Rose struggled to suppress her amusement at his obvious predicament), he softly lowered the soapy sponge to her tummy and circled it slowly around her navel. As his circles widened, his pace slowed till he was just under her breasts and above the bikini line. At this point, Max paused, and slowly started to spiral in again.


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