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Bisexual Stories

If You like both girls and boys your possiblities are UNLIMITED:)) It means You can fuck anyone! Get in and read stories about allfuckers!

Don't You wanna have Your own RUSSIAN WHORE ?

Webmeets Diary Ch. 06   (rated 7.8 with 13 ratings) 
A hot, bisexual welcome to China.

Plastic   (rated 5.5 with 74 ratings) 
He gets his wish for a threesome.

An other, could be true or not, you decide story. By Smuggler204   (rated 7.4 with 26 ratings) 
In this tail, I go back a few years to one of the defining moments in a young man's life. His first encounter with an older person.

A story, it could be true or not. You decide.   (rated 6.8 with 36 ratings) 
I have always had an interest in writing and reading stories about other peoples sexual encounters. I dashed off a many of them but I had no one who I was willing to share them with. I discovered this site by chance and thought, what the hell. So here is

Two straight guys fucking   (rated 9.8 with 2053 ratings) 
My best friend let me fuck him in the ass last night, and it was hot. So I guess I'm a bisexual guy now, I don't know.

When the Cat's Away the Mice Will Play.....   (rated 8.2 with 745 ratings) 
This is my first story please rate..
Ashley was 15 years old and her friend Carrie was 16. Carrie\'s parents had gone away for the week end, and her oldest sister had gone out ot the bars....

Exchange Student   (rated 7.3 with 19 ratings) 
Dot, along with the rest of her family, was much too busy
with survival in post-war Germany. Social amenities for
young teenagers w...

By Chance   (rated 6.8 with 43 ratings) 
Hi, my name is Dave and I would like to tell you about my first experience into bisexuality. I must admit that until it happened, I was totally str...

Deb, Richard and Me   (rated 6.0 with 69 ratings) 
This is a true story. I hope you enjoy

Heather and I Go Bi-Bi! Conclusion   (rated 5.7 with 25 ratings) 

Heather and I Go Bi-Bi!   (rated 5.0 with 13 ratings) 
This story is based on an actual first time (well, as an adult anyway ;-) bi experience. The names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocen...

The Birthday Present   (rated 6.9 with 16 ratings) 
A guy gets a great birthday present from his girlfriend - two hot girls!

Encounter with Sophie and Mark   (rated 9.9 with 1716 ratings) 
My beautiful 19 year old flatmate Sophie brings a friend back after a party and things get a little kinky!

Crossing the Bisexual Bridge to Phallic Hypnotics   (rated 9.9 with 1364 ratings) 
Open your eyes and open your mouth, because here it cums. Remember how surprised you were when some of your girlfriends said they got so turned on they came when they sucked your cock? You\'ll be surprised again when you find out how right they were, beca

Tommy Caught Peeping   (rated 7.7 with 45 ratings) 
Teenager caught peeping into window. His punishment is to please the husband who caught him and his wife.

My student Sophia !   (rated 7.0 with 43 ratings) 
How I black mailed my Sophia into a nice night stand ..

Heaven   (rated 6.4 with 44 ratings) 
He ushered me into the room, where the beautiful, busty lady I had eyed so carefully at the pool was sitting in bed. “Honey,” said Ray, “This is Donny. He wants to play with us."

Lauren, Mike, & Me   (rated 6.2 with 25 ratings) 
Two business men meet a woman and enjoy her and each other.

Venus Flytrap   (rated 6.0 with 1600 ratings) 
His wife seduces a man for them both to share.

Getting Intimate with Sophie and Mark   (rated 5.9 with 19 ratings) 
Mark realises that keeping the most beautiful girl in town to himself is greedy and decides to share and Sophie has no objections!

First encounter   (rated 4.2 with 61 ratings) 
this is my first sex encounter and is so pleasing and so fun...



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