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Two straight guys fucking

Author: clay.p.
Category: Gay_Stories
Last updated: Oct 25, 2007

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My girlfriend was out for the night for a bachelorette party, so my best friend came over and we got drunk and were looking at porn online. I was telling him about fucking my girlfriend, and how much I love her pussy, how it's tighter than any other girl I've fucked before. My dick started getting hard, but that's not so unusual and he's seen my dick before. He was wasted and laughing a lot and wanted details of my girlfriend. He asked if her pussy gets real wet, how she sucks cock, etc. I kept having to move my dick around cause it was hard as hell, and he kept staring at my stiffy and laughing and then his dick was hard too. I stood up and pulled my dick out for a second and stroked it a couple of times and laughed and put it back in.

He broke out some coke and we did a little and so were feeling really good. I went to the kitchen to get some more beer and he followed and met me in the hallway on my way back. He chest-butted me and shoved me up against the wall, headbutted me and said, "Fuck you you fucker!!!" just laughing and we wrestled a little bit. We were rubbing cocks a little through our pants and wrestling and grabbing arms. Pretty jacked up from the coke at this point and not giving a shit.

Went back to the computer for more porn. He said, "Fuck you man, my dick is hard and I don't have a girlfriend now and don't get my cock sucked every night like you so I'm gonna beat my dick and you gotta deal with it." Pulled it out and started stroking. I've seen his before and I let him fuck my last girlfriend with me before, so maybe we were already half homo, I don't know. So this wasn't a big deal to watch him jerking off. But it was getting me hot, so I started rubbing mine, too, through my shorts, and then had to pull it out. So we were jerking together.

Took a break and did more coke. Then we stripped down and were both naked on the sofa, stroking cocks. About the same time we switched grips and started jerking each other. He started talking about the time we fucked Laura together, said, "Man I could feel your dick when I was in her pussy and you were in her asshole, and it felt fuckin awesome." This got me hot and I moaned a little. He moved closer and we moved to face each other, touching cocks, then he gripped both of our cocks with one hand and started jacking them together. I leaned back and let him do the work.

Then he said, "You want me to suck it?" and then just started in before I could say yes. He worked my dick real good, and I guess maybe it's true that dudes are better at sucking cock because they have one and know what feels good. I grabbed the back of his head and started fucking his mouth. He let my dick go real deep in his throat, which my girlfriend can't do. I watched my dick sliding between his lips, and his lips were getting red and swollen and I just felt like an animal and then pushed him off. Pushed him back and I knew I wanted to see what it was like to have a cock in my mouth. So bent over and got to work on his dick. It's a little longer than mine but not as thick. I couldn't get it all the way down my throat, but sucked it good, and licked the head and then sucked his balls some. He was going wild, moaning and holding on to my head. I backed up and spread his legs open, took a look at his asshole and knew I wanted to get in there. I knew he was clean because we showered at the gym earlier, so took a lick of his asshole and then started licking it for real. He couldn't take it cause it felt so good. He spread his legs wide and I sucked his pink hole for a while. He got up on his knees on the couch and then bent over the back. He used his hands to spread his cheeks and I took long licks from his nut sack up to his asshole, up his crack. I told him, "My finger's going in, man," and he just moaned and spread his cheeks more, so I knew he wanted it, too. I eased one finger in and then started fucking him fast with my finger.

He was getting crazy, saying, "Ooooh, fuck me, yeah man." He said, "Do you fuck Anna in the ass," which I don't because she won't let me. Then he said, "Let's go get on the bed and you can put your dick in."

I grabbed him and shoved him down the hall to the bedroom, then pushed him to his knees and fucked him in the mouth again for a bit. My dick was hard and wet and then he climbed on the bed and bent over with his ass in the air. I sucked on his asshole for a little longer and then he was actually begging for my dick, so I started slipping it between his slippery crack, not in his asshole yet. I started rubbing my dickhead around his asshole, then slowly pushed it in about an inch at a time. He moaned a little like a girl, and then I really started working it. It was awesome, like fucking a girl but different, and I grabbed his hips and started pounding. He was like, "Yeah, yeah, yeah, ohhhhhh," which got me so hot. I came sooner than I wanted to, but my dick in his asshole felt like nothing I've ever had before.

I crashed and fell asleep, but then woke up a little later to him sucking my dick again. I asked for more coke and he went to get it, and I watched his ass as he walked away and knew I wanted to pound it again. He brought the coke to me in bed and after we did a few lines I felt like an animal again. I led him to Anna's lingerie drawer and took out the see-through bra and panties I just got for her. I put the bra on him, and then had him turn around and bent him over the dresser. I tongue-fucked him for a little bit, then slid the panties up his legs and over his hard ass. I stood behind him and we looked in the mirror and I put my hands into the panties and stroked his cock and started to grind him from behind.

Then I took him to the bathroom and found Anna's lipstick and put some lipstick on his lips. I pulled the bra aside and sucked his nipples like they were little titties. Then we were grinding and rubbing cocks again. I kissed him and imagined he was a girl with a dick and started sucking his neck and his ears, then I kneeled down and told him I was going to eat his pussy. I pulled the panties to the side and sucked on his nuts for a while. He was acting like a girl a little bit, saying, "Oh you eat my pussy good."

Then I took him back to the bedroom and laid him down on his back and got on top of him. I kissed him and sucked his nipples and licked his stomach and then pushed his legs up into his chest. I pulled the panties aside again and slipped my finger into his asshole again, then my dick and I fucked the shit out of him. He had to put his hands on the wall because I was rocking him so hard. We were both moaning together, and I was fucking him on top and could look down and see the lipstick smeared on his face and the bra and when I knew I was going to come I pulled out and spewed all over his chest. He tried sucking me dick a little at this point but it was too much.

I let him eat my asshole a little and then let him fuck me, since he had let me do him twice. It didn't feel great, but it was still hot and I got to listen to him grunting on me and then I had to moan like a girl. So yeah, it was hot and got my dick hard again.

Needless to say, we had more coke and fucked some more, and now it's the next day and he's gone and I'm writing this shit here and my dick is hard as a rock again. We said we could do it again whenever we wanted to. I think now I'd like to fuck him and another dude at the same time, or have both of them take turns sucking my cock. I gotta say, this was probably the best fucking I've had. I don't think I'm 100% queer because I fucked my girlfriend this afternoon and it was still hot, but now this opens up a lot of new possibilities for me. I hope my girlfriend will let me fuck a dude in front of her because that would be like a dream come true. I haven't told her about this yet, because I'm afraid she'll be pissed that we used her panties. But I got her to finger my asshole this morning, so maybe she'll be into it, we'll see.


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