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Deflowering the Princess

Author: rufust
Category: Celebrities_Stories
Last updated: Nov 29, 2005

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Deflowering the Princess

Britney couldn’t recall every aspect of the wild evening that had landed her in the lavish suite with three girls she barely even knew. They weren’t total strangers though. Being pretty big celebrities themselves, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Katie Holmes and Natalie Portman, along with pop princess Britney Spears had turned heads, cameras and cleared VIP rooms at every Vegas club they’d hopped that evening. The long night of dancing and drinking had moved to the suite but it was far from over.

Britney plopped down on a couch as Natalie began to mix some drinks and Katie and Jennifer argued playfully over the first music selection. Katie gave up after a short while and sat down by Britney as she reached into her purse and pulled out a small baggy, casually emptying it onto the glass coffee table. Britney tensed up instantly as she stared at the small pile of white powder on the table while Katie began to chop it up with a razor. Natalie then joined them with a fresh round of drinks as Jennifer put on the blonde’s “Ooops…” CD. Britney tried not to be obvious but she was scared; she’d never even seen cocaine before but the other girls all seemed excited and she joined them in crowding around the table.

Maybe it was the alcohol or the excitement or just peer pressure that made her decide right there to follow suit. The last thing she wanted to do was to let these girls know she was inexperienced, or worse yet, scared. Katie soon had eight fat lines cut up and Jennifer produced a short straw and quickly snorted one up. Katie, then Natalie followed and Britney put on a brave face as she took the straw from the pretty brunette. She leaned over without hesitation and snorted a line completely, as she’d seen the others do. She picked her head up and her eyes bugged out a bit as the coke began to burn her nose. She nearly panicked and said something but the burning passed and she was almost immediately feeling the drug’s effects.


They all did another chunky line and were soon bouncing around the huge suite playfully. Natalie was holding a champagne bottle that every one was taking swigs from as they laughed. After a little while, Katie and Jennifer began to dance, still to Britney’s CD. The blonde didn’t notice at first but the girls were grinding pretty hard on each other as Natalie began to dance with her innocently enough. Britney noticed with a curious gaze, that Katie was grinding her thin waist into Jennifer’s sweet ass hard from behind while her hands held onto the brunette’s stomach and waist tightly. She convinced herself it was just normal “friend stuff” and seemed to forget about it as they all continued dancing around the room and acting goofy.

The blonde’s heart was racing as she took a big swig from the bottle that Katie was now holding. Then Katie approached Jennifer as if to offer her some champagne but instead she poured the whole bottle over the actress’ beautiful face and down over her big pert breasts. They all laughed as Jennifer opened another bottle and chased Katie all around the room; eventually cornering the doe eyed beauty and spraying her thoroughly.

Britney then noticed Jennifer’s awesome breasts were plainly visible through her soaked white shirt and found herself admiring them. As if on cue, Jennifer peeled her sticky shirt off, as did Katie and they toweled themselves off as they giggled breathlessly. Britney’s eyes nearly popped out of her head as Katie began to towel off Jennifer’s tits, while joking in a manly voice “let me help you out there”.

She then screamed as Natalie suddenly poured a whole bottle of champagne over her head from behind. She tried to spin away but the older girl wrapped an arm around her waist as she emptied the bottle. Britney squirmed and laughed hysterically as the bubbly soaked her completely before Natalie let her go. They then cheered Jennifer on as she sprayed Natalie down, leaving all of them a bit of a mess.

The naïve blonde was flying as she found herself eyeing Jennifer and Katie’s half nude bodies lustily. She’d never even considered fooling around with another girl before, hell, she’d only been with two guys in her life, but there was no denying the tingling in her panties. Again displaying perfect timing, Natalie began to dance close behind Britney with her hands firmly planted on her tight waist. Her head was spinning as she slowly began to sway in unison with the gorgeous brunette. Then Jennifer and Katie stepped in front of her and both shot her a sexy glare as they wrapped their arms around each other. Britney again gasped as they began to kiss passionately while Natalie ground her pelvis into her tight as rhythmically. She watched in a daze as Katie began to pinch and squeeze Jennifer’s perfect tits as they continued to kiss deeply.

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Britney cooed as Natalie gently kissed her neck as her hands softly rubbed her flat belly. Natalie then took one of Britney’s earlobes into her hot mouth as Katie removed Jennifer’s bra and began to suck her big breasts. The blonde moaned out as Natalie slid her hands up onto her firm C-cup tits and squeezed them powerfully. She watched as Jennifer took Katie’s nice nipples into her mouth as Natalie worked her breasts wonderfully.

Natalie then peeled Britney’s tight shirt off and removed the nervous girl’s satiny bra as Katie got behind Jennifer, facing the blonde only about a foot away. Jennifer and Britney stared deeply into each other’s eyes as Katie and Natalie both resumed their assault on their awesome tits as they began to kiss their necks. Britney had never been hotter in her life as she melted into her new lover; Natalie’s experienced hands tweaking and teasing the blonde’s quarter sized pink nipples. Her whole body quivered as she felt Natalie slide her hands down her bare stomach while simultaneously watching Katie do the same to Jennifer.

A moment later her pants were gone, along with Jennifer’s and she stared lustily at the brunette’s neatly trimmed but thick brown bush. Britney yelped as Natalie gripped her g-string tightly from behind and yanked it hard, the blonde’s swollen pussy swallowing some cotton while she whispered into her ear, “Do you like her tits?” Britney shuddered deeply and hissed back “They’re perfect.” “Do you want to touch them?” asked the elegant brunette. “Oh yes” panted the blonde and with that Natalie guided her trembling hands up to Jennifer’s round breasts. Britney immediately began to squeeze Jennifer’s firm breasts, gently at first but as her confidence and curiosity grew she massaged them harder. The blonde rotated her hips smoothly as Natalie continued to tug her g-string hard while she explored Jennifer’s sweet tits with wonder.

After a few minutes Natalie spun Britney around and backed her against a wall. She ordered the blonde to take off her shirt as she kept her beautiful face just an inch away. Britney’s hands shook as she unbuttoned Natalie’s blouse and slipped it off. “Now my bra” added the older girl, and Britney nervously reached around and unhooked her clasp, shuddering as Natalie’s pretty B-cup tits came into view. Britney moaned out as the girl started to grind her breasts into hers forcefully. The brunette then moved in to kiss the eager blonde but stopped just short, teasing her madly as she ran her tongue softly over Britney’s bottom lip. Natalie continued to drive her prey wild as she began to kiss her neck; running her fickle tongue up over her chin and around her open mouth repeatedly. She then took the blonde’s bottom lip between hers and sucked it gently for nearly thirty seconds before pausing momentarily and then finally planting a passionate kiss on her hot mouth. Britney’s whole body trembled as Natalie’s tongue washed over hers while they mashed their mouths together for a long while.

Katie meanwhile had Jennifer bent over slightly and was stroking the girl’s wet pussy from behind with her right hand while her left held her friend’s head up tightly by her hair. Jennifer whimpered meekly as Katie jerked her head around roughly every so often and worked her dripping cunt like a pro.


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