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Fucking a Celebrity

Author: ASEX
Category: Celebrities_Stories
Last updated: Nov 29, 2005

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Fucking a celebrity.


This story may be based on supernatural events but this is only to give an explanation as to why the things in the story are happening. It still basically will involve sex with a celebrity, however you might argue that this is mind control, which it is. I leave it in the celebrity category because that is the best aspect of the story. However I hope to add more topics to it.

Part 1: The genie and my loss of virginity

Alex knew that what he was doing was not only stupid, it was immature. Why break into a museum, steal an old Arabian oil lamp just so he could rub it? I mean that was the kind of the thing judges used to send nutcases to the asylum. Still, something deep inside him reassured him that what he had just done, despite its immoral values and stupidness, was still right.

And technically he had not broken in he had merely waited until his class had left the field trip and then hid himself until the museum closed. In some pure luck the case protecting the lamp was not alarmed so Alex easily broke the seal and took the lamp. Now as he was outside in the middle of nowhere he reflected on his choice. Stupid perhaps, but still he could see no negative effect, for now anyway. He would not be missed, his city public school was vastly under funded, and despite Alex's great intelligence or his outspoken manor they would not even notice that he was gone.

It was all his stepfathers' fault, his mother had died shortly after they were married, and thus he gained custody. Alex's stepfather had never been pleasant, but facing the fact of taking care of a kid he had not raised and did not love, he simply fell deeper into trouble. His drinking habits surfaced, as well as cigarettes and drugs. So he had sold their fine suburbia home, moved to the city, and enrolled Alex in public school as his stepfather wasted his meager life in unemployment. Even if his stepfather was not stoned or drunk at this hour, he still would not even care about the whereabouts of his stepson.


This life had a very bad effect on the young 13-year-old boy. His life was close to perfect before, great intelligence, nice body build, good at sports and with his brown hair, blue eyes, and seven-inch cock he could have any girl in his school. Facing loneliness and depression, Alex sought out his two great passions. Reading first of all, he read any book he could get his hands on. But sex was what kept him alive, constant masturbation, any type of porno, anything to do with any sexual activity. This is how he came to have a vague interest in fetishes. And at this moment in time, as Alex is walking into a small forest on the grounds of the museum he would do any sexual act, from bizarre fetish to regular porno, with any female over the age of nine. You see Alex was straight, but still coveted all other types of sexual act.

So now we go back to the present. Alex had reached a small break in the trees and he sits down to rest. "I must be an idiot for attempting this kind of thing," he muttered to himself. Birds sang their nighttime songs and the wind maid the slight music as it whipped throughout the trees. According to his watch it was 9:30, and he could barely hear the city sounds; yet he still had a self-awareness.

"Well," Alex spoke softly to himself, "I might as well see if this lamp is worth what it cost me." For the first time he closely studied the artifact, he knew that the bronze texture was cold to his skin and he knew that the stile of the lamp was the true Arabian legend type. Yet he had no knowledge of the initial he found engraved near the handle. A-for Aladdin? No, not possible he thought to himself. "This thing probably is just old junk."

He carefully took his hand and rubbed softly over the surface. At first nothing happened and he thought that his effort had been for folly.

However, soon blue mist came erupting from the lamps and it encircled him faster then the blackness of night. And out of the blue mist came a small pudgy figure, wearing a turban and glowing like an immortal deity. Now one of Alex's favorite genres of literature was fantasy, which was partly to blame for his thievery which was against his nature. He had always envisioned things like this happening so he responded quickly.

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"Oh divine one, are you the genie of the lamp?" He spoke with curiosity, but the genie stared at him as if he were insane. Even in later times Alex would think that this was a bit strange and idiotic.

"I thought you new age people never bothered with this nonsense, however be my guest and continue worshiping me, I enjoy it. However it will waist time, when I could be granting your two wishes," This particular genie spoke loudly with a slight accent, but the thing that truly astonished Alex was that he realized that the genie had no realness. He had a turban and a glowing aura but nothing else could be distinguished.

"Two wishes, I thought it was three, hey what kind of scam is this? I mean aren't you the fabled genie?" Alex questioned urgently.

"Yes, yes, I'm the genie of the lamp. Don't worry about the magic and nonsense. Some things just happen, I am one of the many genies found in all sorts of objects, we only reveal ourselves to a chosen few when they are in great sorrow or need. That's why you took the lamp, because I wanted you to. And the only reason you have any concept of this is because of the idiot Aladdin. I had the unfortunate task of granting him wishes and we make sure our participants swear to and oath of silence. However once Aladdin's wishes turned out wrong he broke his vow. And don't even think about doing it, because he is in a dungeon being tortured for all eternity. We now only give two wishes due to downsizing, so deal with it!"

The genie spoke with great haste and when he was finished Alex began "Can I have my wishes now?"

The genie sighed and then muttered to himself "They always want to get to the wishes, never take their time," he paused and now spoke loudly. "Do you swear to never reveal the secret of the genie if you do then you can commence in wishing, remember to begin with "I wish" or it won't count. I have the power to grant objects, change minds, and control the every aspect of the universe. Blah, Blah, Blah, you think they could update this a bet huh?" once he finished speaking he took a few deep breaths as Alex nodded for a while.

"Alright, I agree," he cleared his throat and began to speak very loud and clearly without hesitation "I wish that I lived in a huge mansion in the country side, miles away from anyone." Alex was rather pleased with his wish, his step-dad might search for him but his next wish might help him with that.

"Geese why do they always wish for the same stuff, money, power and good fortune. You think I could have a little variety?" they genie complained to himself loudly.

"My next wish will be different, but what about this one? Did you grant it?" Alex interrupted out of curiosity, but he also had a tendency to show his intelligence whenever he could.

"Yes, it is done," the genie snapped his fingers and in a flash they were gone.

* * *

When Alex reopened his eyes it was day, the mists were gone and both the genie and the boy were standing about one hundred yards from an enormous white, Victorian house. A drive ran down one of the green sloped hills for a long distance and then finally hit the bottom of the enormous acropolis on which the house stood. There was a large iron gate with a sound box directly next to it.

"What time is it and where are we?" Alex asked, after all it was once the dead of night in the city and now it is morning with countryside around you, and with a cool spring breeze in you face. Wouldn't you be confused?

"Magic sometimes takes a while to work, after all you have to alter minds, change schedules and events, as well as grant physical objects into being, its hard work. It's now eight o'clock A.M., and for your sake I made it instantaneous. Your school will call your father in a couple of days; they will tell him that you are not attending. Fearing for his own safety your father will lie and tell them that you moved into your relatives' home. Even without you his life will be filled with misery, booze, and drugs. And as for your other question…" the genie paused for effect and he had a proud smile on his face.


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