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Spider-man/Avengers: Juice Ch. 01

Author: C.King
Category: Celebrities_Stories
Last updated: Oct 24, 2007

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"That was good, Spider-man!" She said, as she walked closer to him. "Almost as good as the man who made it." Her voice got sly and sexy.

"Perhaps you would like to finish off the pot." Spider-man said as he pointed to the last cup of coffee in the pot. He wanted to give The Wasp a second dose of the tainted beverage.

"I think I will." She said as she moved a little to pick up the coffee container. She poured herself a second cup. She moved to drink it. Only this time she took her time drinking it as erotically as she could for Spider-man's entertainment. She moved it to her lips and sniffed the scent of the coffee. Then she parted them to let the brown fluid into her mouth. After she finished, she moved the cup to the counter. Then she licked her lips in a sexy manner, letting off a sensual sigh. "Still good to the last drop. As I'm sure you are as well."

She moved to place her arms around Spider-man's neck. She looked into his eyes with a passionate stare that hinted about her desire for the hero. "I've never notice how sexy you are." She said, her voice dripping with desire. "Perhaps we could go back to my room to talk about...coffee."

"Yes, but we might need some place with a lot of privacy..to talk about coffee. We don't want anyone disturbing us while we are talking. Do you know of any place that we can go so that we can be alone?" Spider-man asked, trying to get Janet alone so that they could fuck. They wouldn't get much privacy here and it could lead to trouble with his plans.

"I still have a mansion that I don't use often that would be perfect to talk about...coffee." She said, adding "We could be there in a hour."

"Good! And as a sign of good faith..." Spider-man said, then he pulled up his mask for a second to show her his face. "I'll let you know that I'm really Peter Parker." He pulled the mask down to hide his face.

Janet's eyes lit up as if she was being given a gift that was hers alone to discover. "I'm the first that you have told?" She said with joy. She moved so her lips were close to his.

"The first Avenger as far as I know. I feel that we should be able to know the other side of us as we talk about...coffee." He said as his breath touched her. "So meet you there in an hour?" He said with a smile. Then he moved in and kissed her, their lips touching with an angel's grace. It was returned with passion. They pulled out.

"I think I'll enjoy our...talk." Wasp said as she moved back. She pulled out some keys from her pocket and gave it to him. "These should let you in." She moved to the door. She impishly blew him a kiss. She also gave him a wink as she left.

Peter took the pot and rinsed it out before setting it in the sink. He didn't want to expand his tribe that much yet. He then headed to a computer to get the directions to manor.

Later at Van Dyne Mansion....

Peter entered the home, not wearing his Spider-man costume. He was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans, pretty average looking. He used the keys to open the front door and entered. Looking inside, he figured that Janet had gotten there first.

It was dark, save for the lights of candles that seemed to light a path into the house and up the stairs. He closed the door and followed the path up the great hall and into the house. For fun and for suspense for Janet, he blew out all of the candles as he when. Soon, there was only the candles that stood in an open door. Inside was a bed with silk sheets. On that bed was Janet Van Dyne, reclining nude as she waited for him.

"I think that your a little overdressed for this place, Peter. You'll just have to change into the dress code." She told him as she watched him come in. She smiled at her little joke.

"Sorry, I didn't know. I'll just change into something more...comfortable." He said as he stripped off his clothes. Soon, he stood naked before the female Avenger.

Janet looked at him and said, "I see that you have brought some fine meat for me. Mind if I try some?" She started to crawl to him on the bed and took his cock. "And it's the perfect size." She moved her lips to his cock. Her tongue snaked out to lick his cock. She then moved closer to suck the cock.

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The surprise was that she was good at it. 'Hank must have taught her how to suck cock.' Peter thought as she dragged her tongue up and down his cock. He hands moved to his balls and started to massage them. He could feel the suction of her mouth pull along his cock, bring it to full size. And she was still swallowing it. Peter could feel himself build with pressure. He held on to the back of Janet's head pushing it in further. "I can feel it! Feel you sucking my Big Peter! Getting him ready to pump out his tasty cream!" Peter cried out as he pushed Janet to her limit.

Then he let go with his cum, shooting it out into the mouth of the heroine. She gulped it down as she took the cock in her mouth. A small trickle slide out the side of her mouth. He pulled his cock out of her mouth, so that she could suck down more of the cum that had come out of her mouth. A strand of cum spanned the distance from his cock to her lips. After swallowing much of it, he tongue slipped out and pulled the strand back. It broke.

She ate most of the cum, even licking her lips for the cum that had came out of her mouth. She smiled a shiny smile on her cum glistening lips. "Mmmmmmm! Taste like chocolate." She said with a smile. Peter reach over and kissed her on her mouth, tasting himself on her.

He pulled back and said, "Time for some fore play!" He moved his hands to her tits as he played with her rosettes. Her nibs stood up erect and tight. He placed his mouth on her nipples teasing them as he went.

"Oh, God!" Janet said as she got hot again for the man that was fucking her. "Here, let me help you out." Janet said, as she concentrated. She started to get slightly smaller, yet her breasts remained the same size. Peter stood back as he watch, yet keeping his hands on her nibs. "I little trick that I learnt over the years." Janet said as she watched in joy at Peter's joyful reaction.

"I see that super girls know how to have fun. But so do we super guys!" Peter said as he moved over the woman that he held on her bed. He kissed her and manipulated her breasts more so that she would be in the mood. He wanted her horny for him. He could hear her cry out.

"God, Oh God. That's it Peter. Press me, pull me, fuck ME! Stick your big Peter in my tiny pussy so that you can fill it up with yummy cummy! FUCKING YEAH!" Janet cried out as she started to cum. Her juices pouring out of her pussy. Lubricating it for his entry into her.

Peter thrust his cock into her pussy. It slide in with easy as it was covered in pussy juice. Janet was alternating calling his name and the word god. That spurred Peter on as he thrust in and out of her cunt. Up and down he went, as he kissed her forehead as he was taller than she was in this small state.

Peter could feel his seed building up in his peter, getting ready to be pressed out into the woman that was his first lover. Janet was just going into heavy breathing, as she had orgasm after orgasm. Peter knew that she was ready for his cum. So he shot into her with his seed. "YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!" Peter said as he came. Janet moaned as she came for the final time.

Peter relaxed as Janet caught her breath. Peter continued give Janet a good time as he kissed up her body from her breast to her lips. Janet then grew to her normal size. She smiled impishly as she told him, "That was the best sex I had. I don't think I could have another man after having you, lover."

"What about fucking another woman?" Peter asked with a smirk on his face. He knew that she had swallowed enough cum so that she should agree with whatever he said.

"Kinky, but fun. Who do you have in mind for the gift to women that is Peter Parker?" Janet asked, still in a playful mood.

"Why don't you choose?" Peter said, curious to Janet's mind.

"How about..."


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