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My Aunt Cheats on Her Husband!!!!

Author: riKKi
Category: Cheating_Stories
Last updated: Nov 26, 2005

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‘ My my my……aren’t we cocky today………but ok lets see.’
I was so shocked that I didn’t know what to do. It didn’t sink in just then that my aunt, whom I had fantasized about fucking for God knows how long, was just asking me to show her my cock.
Moving up from the chair where I was sitting I got up and went to her side standing just inches from her face. I was incredibly horny by now and did not care about what to say or not.
‘ why don’t you unbutton my jeans yourself and find out. Since you wanted something you might as well work for it.’ I said.
‘ Fair enough,’ she replied and unbuttoned the top button of my jeans before pulling it down. Now all that lay between my savage cock and her searching eyes where my boxer shorts.
‘ well…here we go,’ she said and pulled my boxer shorts down as well revealing my savage half erect but extremely sensitive cock to her eager eyes.
‘ wow……….its beautiful and so big and smooth as well,’ she cooed. ‘ I bet all the girls queue up to get a taste of this monster.’
Seeing her talk this way got me so horny that all I could muster in reply was a moan. Seeing that I was visibly horny, Maria ran her hands up and down the insides of my thighs but was careful to avoid any sort of contact with my cock which was begging to be touched. One of her hands moved behind and slowly massaged the buttocks. She ran her hands down my ass crack but quickly moved it away before returning to my thighs.

I couldn’t hold back any longer. I took her hands in mine and led her hand to my cock. It felt so very good to have the feel of her hand on my cock that I moaned loudly in pleasure.
‘ U want me to rub your cock for u?’ she asked again.
I could only moan a reply but managed to shake my head in agreement. Maria cupped her hands together and gripped my rock hard cock in her right hand. She then proceeded to run her hands down the entire length of my pole making me squirm in ecstacy. It felt so good to have some other pair of hands rubbing my shaft and on top of that it being Maria heightened the sexual factor. By this time Maria had made a ring with her thumb and forefinger and was giving my huge erection a number of delicious little tugs that had me moaning in pleasure.
‘ you like me rubbing your cock?’, asked Maria
‘ uh-huh…’ was all I could muster up in reply.
I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on the out of the world hand job number that she was doing on my cock. Waves of pleasure went through my body and after some time I could feel my balls tighten up ready to release another load.
‘ Aunt M…..i think im going to come,’ I gasped out.
‘ You like me rubbing your cock so much……why dint u say so before??’ she asked.
I said nothing but concentrated on her hand and its steady movement up and down my shaft. Suddenly she stopped and moved her hand down lifting by balls up for inspection. She gently rubbed her hand and rolled my balls with her fingers and then tugged at them gently.
‘ these naughty lil balls have sooo much cum in them……who would have believed it?’ she remarked.
‘ yeah and the best part is its all for you,’ I replied.
Maria quickened her pace running her hand quicker down my shaft while at the same time telling me how big my cock was and how much she was enjoying rubbing it for me. After a minute I could feel my balls get ready to release its load.
“ Aunt M….here it comes…….aaaaaaaaghhhhh,’ I managed to gasp out as I shot a thick wad of cum right into her pretty face. My knees gave way beneath me, the obvious effect of cumming so soon in such a short period taking its toll on my body.

Feeling weak I made my way onto the couch and slouched down resting for a bit. Maria looked so fucking good with my cum on her face!!!!!! It slowly sunk in that I had just shot come all over my Aunts pretty face. I could not help the smile or the short laugh that broke from my lips when this thought crossed my mind.
‘ wats so funny?,’ she asked again with that air of innocence.
‘ the whole fuckin thing….u kno…before today I never knew that u were such a bitch or that u gave such a wonderful hand job…..i thought all you had were the best pair of tits in this world.’ I replied.

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‘ you think I got great tits?,’ she asked apparently being aware of the fact that very instant.
‘ the best…..can I see em?,’ I asked
She did not reply but instead put her arms over her head and pulled off her T shirt exposing her naked braless big beautiful breasts to my eager eyes for the first time.
Her tits were to die for. Perfect was the only word that described them. They hung high on her chest with not even the slightest indication of slack. A man cupping both hands together might be able to encompass one of them. The skin was very tight, almost artificially smooth, with purple veins barely exposed thought the flesh. The nipples were light brown, almost pink, and was erect.
I was star struck and could not believe my luck as my wildest fantasy was being played out before my very eyes!!!!!!
‘ Maria…..those are amazing.’ I gasped out before I could help myself.
‘ I bet half the guys u know would die to just see your tits.’
Without saying much I pulled her to me and made her sit between my legs on the floor. Then for the first time in my life I touched her tits. It felt so good to be touching the object of my fantasies that I got hard again even though I had just come twice in less that an hour. I took the right breast in my mouth as I
cupped the left one with my right hand. I squeezed the nipple between my
thumb and forefinger. My tongue made circles around her other nipple, her
breasts were silken to touch. In just a while, I could feel Maria squirming and moaning as I suckled on her awesome tits. I sucked them like there was no tomorrow and massaged them with both hands.
“uhhhh….that feels soooo good…..suck ur aunts tits for her Rick,”
“Y didn’t u tell me that u liked my tits so much…….i would have let u suck them any time u wanted.”
I didn’t say anything but continued playing out my wildest fantasy as I suckled at her breasts making her nipples stand in full erection. I felt I could suck on those nips forever. All her dirty talk turned me on even more and my cock got rock hard once again.
“Maria…..since u seem to want to do anything if I just ask…..y don’t u suck my cock for me please.” I said. I needed to have her full round lips around my cock or I would die. “ I know you are going to enjoy it just as much as I am or even more so there is no point arguing. Werent u telling me just a while back how big and beautiful my cock was.” I continued.
She looked into my eyes and smiled while I continued to play with her tits with my mouth and hands. She considered for a while and then said the magic words.
“ aright then ill give u head u naughty boy but I haven’t done it in many years so I don’t know how it will be.”
“ you mean that u don’t blow Uncle Bob????” I asked visibly so shocked that I pulled away from suckling her breast
“ well…..Robert’s not very keen or adventurous……so u know……and he does’nt last very long….a quickie is more important to him than getting head”
“ is he gay or something………if I had a wife this hot id ask her to blow me twice a day every fucking day……now baby enough talking…..suck my cock for me now.” I said as I reluctantly moved away from her tits and moved farther back into the couch to give her better access to my cock which was standing straight out.

Maria sat on her knees between my legs and took the base of my cock in her right hand. Her touch was enough to make it throb in obvious pleasure. She seemed to notice that and smiled giving her more confidence.
“Come on baby….come on…..that’s it….take it in your mouth now.” I encouraged.
She looked at my cock for a few seconds more pondering than stuck her tongue out like a snake and licked the underside of the cock. Waves of pleasure went out through my body as I shuddered.
“ That’s it baby…..ur doing good hun…take it in your mouth now.” I gasped.


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