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Swinger's Foursome

Author: Mack3000
Category: Cheating_Stories
Last updated: Feb 29, 2008

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The swingers' party started at 9:00 in a hotel downtown. Mark and Emma checked into their room and the hurried to the private pool where the party was to be held. The indoor pool was in an enclosed area where the 100 or so swingers could frolic around in the nude, gather in the hot tub or engage in the sex act of their choice on the patio and lawn chairs, away from view of the rest of the guests.

Mark and Emma were in their early thirties; a good looking, athletic couple who stayed in great shape and took pains to stay beautiful (a little vanity never hurt anyone). Emma was just over five feet with brown hair tied into a ponytail. A yoga instructor by profession she had a tight body with hardly any fat, shapely A-cup breasts and smooth, white porcelain skin. Tonight she wore a tiny green g-string and matching bikini top, with a white sarong tied around her waist that did little to cover what was underneath.

Mark was a tennis instructor and amateur bodybuilder part time but also worked in an office. He was just under six feet with a muscular build, a dark complexion and dark features. He tanned regularly, worked out almost every day and was in top physical shape. Mark held Emma's hand as they approached the pool. Mark was bold -- he wore nothing but a tiny black thong that seemed to fit perfectly into the crack of his hard, round buddle butt. Emma first thought Mark's thong fascination was a little weird but once she saw how he looked when he'd prance around their apartment, she became turned on and urged him to buy more and more. He had the body for it and loved to show off so Emma encouraged him to be bold.

She loved all those underwear catalogues that would come to the house, filled with pages and pages of hot, chiseled guys modeling skimpy thongs and bikinis. Mark didn't know, but Emma would secretly take those underwear catalogues into their bedroom when Mark wasn't home and masturbate to the pictures.

In fact, Emma had once thought of Mark's thongs as being "a little gay" but the very idea of Mark going gay is what intrigued her and brought them to this party. Mark had never had a homosexual experience before and while he had Emma had been in a few threesomes, they had always involved another woman and Emma was the one awarded the pleasure to engage in a little bisexual romance.

Tonight would be Mark's turn -- whether it be a foursome with another curious couple, a threesome with another man or straight up gay sex, Emma was excited for Mark and couldn't wait to watch his cock being sucked by another guy, or to watch Mark jerk off some stranger or even take a hard cock up the ass.

Emma's pussy tingled as these thoughts ran through her mind and they approached the entrance to the indoor pool. A sign outside read private party, and they showed their passes to a pretty young lady at the door who stamped their hands and let them inside. She checked out Mark's butt and smiled as he passed.

The indoor pool was blaring with rock music was filled with naked and semi-nude people of all sizes and colors but no one over 45 -- that was the swingers' club rule. The sight of so much bare skin was overwhelming. There were about a dozen men and women playing and skinny dipping in the pool. They were laughing and kissing and having a good time. Mark spotted two beautiful nude brunettes with dark tans tangled together on the pool stairs, engaged in a deep passionate lesbian kiss. They rubbed and squeezed each other's breasts and were totally engaged in each other, seeming to not care about the orgy around them. All along the edge of the pool, people were sitting nude with their partners or lounging around. There was one lucky guy in his twenties who sat with his feet in the water while a pair of beautiful twenty-somethings sat on either side of him and slapped and grabbed at his cock.

The hot tub was filled with naked bodies climbing over each other while they toasted wine and cheered a good looking man who fucked some lucky lady dog-style at the edge of the tub. Right beside the entrance to the pool, Mark and Emma were startled to see a naked man with long blonde hair and a nice tan leaning against the wall while a voluptuous black haired babe with a lot of tattoos gave him a rugged, sloppy blowjob.

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Emma pointed to a group of lawn chairs near the pool. "There're two empty chairs. Let's settle in and see what happens." They agreed and pranced into the fray, Emma removed her sarong as she walked and exposed her tight ass to a few whistles from a young foursome who sat chatting at one of the tables. Mark loved walking around in nothing but a thong and especially loved doing it at events such as these, or at nude beaches or even in the locker-room at the gym!

They walked by a couple who was fucking missionary style on one of the lawn chairs and found two empty spots close by. As they were about to lay down, Mark spotted someone he never expected to see at a gathering such as this: his coworker Jen and her husband Josh! They were both sitting on a pair of lawn chairs watching an orgy and sipping cocktails: Jen was totally nude and Josh wore a small blue and white Speedo style swimsuit.

Mark had worked closely with Jen for over a year and had watched her walk around the office. She usually wore conservative and professional business attire but every once in awhile Mark could see that her top button was undone, or that her skirt was slightly shorter than normal. It was as if she longed to show off (what turned out to be) a fabulous body but was constrained by the workplace. Not anymore!

Jen had a build like Emma's; small and thin, pale skin, but a great pair of smooth legs and a set of tits that had to be D-cups. Mark knew she had some jugs under those blouses but he never expected them to be this large. They were almost too big for her thin frame but rested perfectly round, like two domes, while she laid in place. She had brown hair like Emma, but it hung down straight, and she wore a pair of black librarian glasses. The girl was a nerd but what a hottie!

Her husband Josh was in great shape. He had an athletic build from lifting weights and running. His body was smooth and muscular -- while Mark had to shave the hair off his chest, Josh's body was smooth and free of hair. He had short blonde hair, gelled stiff, and wore a pair of wire-rimmed glasses.

What a hot couple, Emma thought as they approached. She had met them before at work functions but they had always been dressed professionally. What a treat it was to see them now!

"Hey, buddy!" Mark said to Jen as they approached.

She was startled, and slightly embarrassed to see someone she knew. She tensed and brought her legs up to her chest to hide her exposed pussy. "Mark! Emma! Hi guys."

Mark was smiling. "I didn't know you guys were into this."

"Yeah," she nodded and crossed her arms to cover her breasts.

"It's okay," Mark said to her. "Don't be embarrassed around me. I'm wearing a thong for God's sake."

Jen giggled and relaxed. She let her arms drop and stretched out her legs. "Yeah, I know. I'm just surprised to see someone I know! Nice thong, by the way."

Emma said, "That little black number's got to be my husband's favorite article of clothing."

"Looks nice on him," Jen smiled, now getting comfortable in the situation. "Great body, Mark. Who knew there were muscles under that suit?"

"Look at those tits," Mark said. "Are those new?"

Jen laughed and shook her head as the wisecrack.

Josh said hello to both of them and winked at Emma as she removed her green bikini top and took a chair next to the other couple who had now shifted into a 69. Mark took the chair between Emma and Jen and settled in to watch the action.

The moment became uncomfortable as the two couples sat watching all these people fuck and suck each other, wondering if they would be doing the same to each other soon, and if they would ever mention it at work -- or if they should even fuck each other to begin with.


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