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Cum Stories

Hmm cum stories.... These stories will make You cum...
The heroes of these stories have already cum;)

Don't You wanna have Your own RUSSIAN WHORE ?

EXCLUSIVE PORN COLLECTION. EVERYTHING JUST FOR 1$   (rated 5.9 with 3475 ratings) 
Hello! Today We've prepared an exclusive Ponr Colelction for You!!!
Here You will find everything You need!

Orgasm Inhibitor   (rated 5.6 with 30 ratings) 
Five men force her not to cum

Professor Thornton Part 2   (rated 7.2 with 27 ratings) 
Student and professor:) What a banal and pathetic story:) or maybe not so banal?:) And absolutely not pathetic? Just read and enjoy!

Susi In The Library   (rated 7.0 with 46 ratings) 
Some people go to Library to read books and magazines:) But there are a lot of other interesting things a nice girl can do in a library.... For instance to suck a librarian's cock or to fuck... yeah.. to fuck:) Just read a story about library fuck:)

Professor Thornton Part 1   (rated 6.8 with 40 ratings) 
It's not that easy to make a Professor love You when You a student?:) Is It?;) In a few minutes You will know the answer! hot and horny college story!

Sunday Morning   (rated 6.4 with 80 ratings) 
Sunday Morning.... what can be better than having sex on sunday morning... Just read and emjoy!

A Witch's Love   (rated 7.1 with 26 ratings) 
Have You ever had a fantasy on having a sex with Your housemaid? So this hot story is for You!
Just read and enjoy :) You will like this story. Especially the ending.

Keeping Him   (rated 6.0 with 1178 ratings) 
They love each other.... Wife and husband.... but this young tall petite readhead is very pretty...... Any man would probably die to go out with her.....and wife is already jellous and husband is already horny:) Just read the story and find out what hape

Send Me an Angel   (rated 5.4 with 32 ratings) 
This a very beautiful story about Young girl and her angel and guardian and protecter.... He was watching over her all the time even when she was having her orgasm...

My Bloody Valentine   (rated 7.6 with 24 ratings) 
Damnit, just her luck to be on her period on Valentine's Day! But she won't let her period spoil her evening!!!!
It's gonna be hot and fun! Just read it and rate it!

Ghost Boyfriend   (rated 7.2 with 50 ratings) 
Ghost boyfriend ? Just a dream? Probably You are right.... But even if he is a ghost - sex with him is absolutely hot and real:)) Read and enjoy!

Falling Stars   (rated 6.8 with 41 ratings) 
Another hot story about first sexual experience between 17 y.o. girl and boy:) Read and enjoy!

Treatment   (rated 10.0 with 13437 ratings) 
What do You think can happen when a nice girl is visiting a doctor? Especially when the reason for her appointment is the inability to achieve orgasm? Just read it :)

Not A Saint   (rated 6.1 with 117 ratings) 
Naive girl is forced to love her captor.

The single's dance   (rated 6.0 with 16353 ratings) 
A small story about drunk sex:) Have You ever had drunk sex? I bet You have....

Being the Landlord is fun   (rated 6.0 with 51973 ratings) 
As You see from the title - being the landlord can be fun especially when a young couple rents an appartment from You....

Violet's Anal Training   (rated 6.4 with 128 ratings) 
Violet submits to anal training.

First Day At Boarding School Chapter 2   (rated 6.2 with 109 ratings) 
Rebecca is tricked into boarding school.

First Day at Boarding School Chapter 1   (rated 6.0 with 176441 ratings) 
Rebecca is tricked into a boarding school where she is forced to become a submissive. She is stripped naked, forced to cum, spanked and than raped anally, again having an orgasm.

Dominating Charlene   (rated 6.4 with 76 ratings) 
What You think can happen with a girl who likes to be dominated if he having a boat trip with a nice girl and her father?:) Just click and read....

The Ring   (rated 6.9 with 37 ratings) 
Daughter and mother.... Sounds so innocent.... But if mother has a nice ring in a pussy and her daughter somehow knows about it... sounds not so innocent already?:) In a couple of minutes You will know the whole story....

Aunt Nellie   (rated 6.0 with 42260 ratings) 
What about a sexy aunt and 18 y.o. nephew?:) Is she still fuckable?:) Is he already able to fuck?:)
Make Yourself comfortable and find it out Yourself.....

Room Service   (rated 5.8 with 20 ratings) 
Well.... sometimes room service can bring not only food in Your room :)) And if this "room service" is young and willing? So why not ? Just get prepared and read...

Shackled   (rated 5.7 with 19 ratings) 
"Danny felt his dick begin to harden as Mrs. Ryan rubbed his leg asking him about his work, where he lived, etc. He was almost hypnotized as she looked into his eyes while continuing to rub his leg." Wanna know the continuation of this story?:) Just clic

Crack in The Wall   (rated 5.6 with 14 ratings) 
Hmmm What would You do If You You found a crack in You wall facing a shower of Your young and beautiful neighbour? I bet You will take a hold and watch :))) To know what a hero of this story has done - just read it;) and tell us what You think of it.



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