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Detective Dick P.I. Ch. 1

Author: Zaxxon
Category: Erotic_Straight_Stories
Last updated: Mar 20, 2008

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My name is Detective Henry Dick, I'm a private investigator. These are my stories...

Case #43: The Nympho Wife

Wednesday 4:43 PM

I was meeting in my office with a new client, Mr. Robert Bateman. Mr. Bateman was a very affluent and successful business owner, who owned and operated the city's leading newspaper. Like many clients I have had before, Bateman was interested in tracking down what his wife was doing while he was away at work. He had suspicions that she was cheating on him.

"So how long do you think this has been going on?" I asked Mr. Bateman as we sat in my office. The office I work is a small suite in an old building on the east side of town. Itís not very impressive, but then again I don't spend much time there either.

Bateman exhaled a breath of smoke from his cigar as he sat across from me. "I don't know, maybe two years. It started just after we got married, to be honest."

"And you said you've been married about three years now, right?"

"Yeah thatís right," Bateman continued "I know she's cheating on me, I just need to catch her or get some proof. Then I can finally divorce the bitch without her taking half my money." Bateman looked at his watch and put his cigar out in the ash tray on my desk. "Shit, I gotta get going." He said as he stood up.

"Alright Mr. Bateman, I'll get to work on it as soon as you send me the information I need."

"You'll have it tomorrow." He said as he walked out the door. I heard my secretary, Elizabeth say goodbye to him outside.

Thursday 9:32 AM

I was back in my office, sipping my second cup of coffee when Elizabeth walked in, carrying a folder under her arm. Elizabeth was a real jewel. I had interviewed about 20 girls before I finally settled on her. She was just what I needed around the office. To be honest she sucked at her job, but that wasn't why I hired her. She has short brown hair that comes down just below her cheeks, which she usually has tucked behind her ears. She's about 22 years old, I can't remember exactly, and her body is absolutely incredible. Today she was wearing one of my favorite outfits, a short black skirt with two slits up the sides which showed off most of her long, smooth legs, and a tight blue blouse. She always wore tight blouses to the office, which clung her bulging tits. She had it unbuttoned generously to show off the deep valley of her cleavage.

"Here's the file you asked for, Detective Dick." She said as she walked in, plopping the manila folder onto my desk.

"Thanks sweetie, now what about the blowjob I asked for?"

Elizabeth walked around behind my desk to where I was sitting, and I turned in my chair to face her as she dropped down to her knees.

"I haven't forgot about that either." She replied as she reached up, running her hands over my thighs.

I unbuckled my belt and undid the front of my pants, opening them up. Elizabeth ran her hands along my inner thighs, and over my balls through the fabric of my pants, before reaching inside my boxers and pulling my cock free. I helped her by sliding my pants down to my ankles, still sitting in my chair.

I was only semi-hard, but as Elizabeth started to unbutton her blouse all the way, I quickly rose to full mast. She slid her blouse off her shoulders, and unclasped her bra behind her, letting that fall away also. Her breasts came into view: they were large, firm, and she had little nipples which were perfect for sucking on. My cock was fully stiff now, sticking straight out, pointing at her.

Elizabeth leaned forward, holding my shaft at the base with both hands, she licked at the swollen head. She rolled her tongue around my cockhead as her tits pressed up against my thighs, her nipples digging against my legs. Elizabeth wrapped her soft lips around the end of my cock, and started sucking obediently. This is why I hired her, she gives great head.

My cock slid further into her mouth as she moved her head down, and I felt her warm saliva coating my rod. Her tongue wiggled against the bottom of my shaft as she sucked, bobbing her head up and down slowly. Elizabeth slurped on my member messily, her spit drooled out from the sides of her mouth, dripping down the length of my shaft, and over my balls.

"Oh God that feels good Elizabeth." I encouraged her, as her head bobbed up and down on my pole, sucking me with dedication. I can't count the number of times I have blown my load in her mouth, she definitely earns her paycheck.

Elizabeth wrapped one of her hands around the base of my shaft, her delicate fingers squeezing me as she stroked up and down. Her other hand reached up, massaging my balls lightly while she sucked and slurped messily.

I reached my hands down to play with her tits. I squeezed them together a little and pinched her nipples. Her funbags were the perfect size to play with.

After a few more minutes of her sucking, I felt my balls boil and started shooting my load into her mouth. Elizabeth swallowed every drop as my cock squirted jets of hot jizz. I must have emptied five or six good streams of cum into her mouth, and she didn't spill a drop, in fact she swallowed it down like candy.

I sighed in satisfaction as I finished cumming, and pulled my pants up. Elizabeth had gotten to her feet, and I gave her a swat on the ass as she left. "Thanks sweetie." I said to her as she went back to her desk outside.


I looked down at the folder Elizabeth had left on my desk. It was Marie Bateman's info that I had requested from yesterday. I opened up the folder and looked inside, reading the specs and info that Mr. Bateman had given me.

The first thing I took out was the 5'7" photo of Mrs. Bateman. She was a very attractive woman, and I guessed that she was probably only in her late twenties or early thirties. She had long blonde hair, blue eyes, full lips, and large breasts. The photograph was only of her top half, but I figured the rest was just as nice.

I set the photo aside and looked at the next piece of paper. Mr. Bateman had written down quite a bit of information, some of it I had to wonder why he bothered to tell me. Bust Size: 38EE. It seems that Mr. Bateman had bought his wife breast implants. There were some notes written down, mostly addresses of places she went often, and the time of day she went there... health spas, dry cleaning, etc.

I closed the file and started to think of what to do next.

Friday 9:01 AM

I decided to stake out the Bateman estate to see if I could find anything suspicious going on. I had been camped outside in my old Volkswagen Jetta across the road for about three hours now. About an hour earlier I had seen Mr. Bateman drive out as he left for work.

Friday 11:24 AM

A brown UPS truck pulled up into the driveway of the Bateman house, and the driver got out of the truck, walking up to the house with a package. I pulled out my binoculars to get a better look, and watched as he rang the doorbell.

The door opened, it was Mrs. Bateman -- she looked just like her picture. She was wearing a silk bathrobe which hung open up top, exposing quite a bit of her cleavage. The waist tie was cinched around her thin waist. She was saying something to the delivery man, but I couldn't make out what. Then the man went into the house, and she shut the door.

I set the binoculars down and thought about what to do. I looked up and down the street to make sure no one was coming, and then I got out of the car and snuck around to the side of the house. The Bateman's house was a huge mansion, and the property was surrounded by a brick wall about 6 feet high. I climbed over the wall easily and made my way to the side of the house. I snuck over to a window which looked into the dining room.

Inside I saw Mrs. Bateman with the UPS man. He had already taken off his shirt, and they were kissing passionately in the middle of the dining room. The delivery man had one arm wrapped around Mrs. Bateman's waist, while his other hand squeezed one of her huge, enlarged breasts. Mrs. Bateman was busy squeezing the man's cock through the front of his uniform pants while they kissed.


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