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Impregnating Gwn

Author: eymach
Category: Erotic_Straight_Stories
Last updated: Oct 22, 2007

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I. The Conversation

After taking Friday afternoon off, Tia and Tim Sloan were driving down to their beach cottage to enjoy an intimate weekend with Greg and Gwn. Tia was now three months pregnant from the planned pregnancy that she had arranged with Greg. The periods of morning sickness had subsided and she was getting real horny after missing last month's session with them. From the passenger seat, Tim reached across and playfully caressed Tia's slightly bulging tummy and commented, "little baby girl is going to get up-close and personal with her biological father tonight."

Slapping Tim's hand, Tia feigned some displeasure and said, "Hey, that's not nice, it's our little girl and you be nice. After all you are going to be the superstar stud this weekend."

Tia was referring to the plan that involved Tim assisting Gwn's attempt at becoming pregnant. Gwn's inability to get pregnant with her husband was found to be related to Greg's semen not the large penis trauma the doctors at first thought. The New Life Center (NLC) discovered that Greg's semen appeared to trigger a rejection response in Gwn's uterus and this permanent incompatibility eventually led Gwn to be artificial inseminated for their first child.

Greg and Gwn had almost given up hope of that little brother for their two year old girl, Geni. Gwn had been turned off with the artificial insemination process. Not knowing the sperm donor was a turn-off for her. Becoming pregnant in such a clinical, unloving manner, she felt, was an essential part of procreation. She wanted to hold onto a loving person as that most precious seed was deposited even if it wasn't her husband's. To Gwn there was something almost sacred in creating a new life. For her it had to be done with the utmost passion and physical pleasure.

Thus Gwn had refused to consider another child until Tia and Tim had come into their lives. So many coincidental things had brought them close. At first it involved Greg being selected as sperm donor for Tia. Then the couple that Gwn and Greg were sharing an open lifestyle with moved away as a result of a job move. Next Tia and Tim, by random chance, ran into Gwn and Greg at a neighboring town mall.

Simultaneously, Tia and Tim were considering expanding their sex lives with another couple and Gwn and Greg were looking for someone that would replace the previous couple. That led to Greg's second impregnation of Tia and now Gwn decided that she would be willing to have another child if Tim could serve as a surrogate semen donor.


I. The Conversation

As the monotonous Interstate miles rolled by, both of them had gotten a little sleepy. Tia had elected to drive her BMW which put Tim in the passenger seat. She reached over and shook Tim's arm as she noticed him nodding his head.

"Wake up, wake up, sleepy head, talk to me, I'm getting sleepy too."

Tim managed a dazed smile, gathered his thoughts and commented, "Oh yes, good idea. He rubbed his eyes and stretched out in a quite yawn and thought for a few moments. After his mind cleared he asked, "Explain my role in getting Gwn pregnant this weekend."

Tia thought briefly and said, "I have been so busy at the Lab getting everything ready for you two, I now realize that I haven't fully explained how everything is to work."

"The only thing I heard was that I would not have to have the sperm pellets injected into my prostate. That's a relief."

"That is correct," replied Tia. The New Life Center (NLC) has now developed a new plastic material that will completely dissolve as it comes in contact with semen."

"I still don't get it."

"We have made and fitted a diaphragm for Gwn that will slide over the opening of her uterus. The diaphragm has a bubble shaped enclosure at the center that will contain a very potent supply of Greg's sperm. Greg's sperm has been centrifuged so that the sperm has been separated from his semen and concentrated in a gel protein mixture. This sperm/gelatin mixture is then sealed in a nipple shaped area in the center of the diaphragm. Keep in mind that we have discovered that Greg's semen, not his sperm, triggers the rejection response in Gwn's womb. At first we thought it was Greg's large sized penis that was inducing a traumatic rejection reaction.

"So that's why The NLC developed that special diaphragm," Tim asked, "and how did you select the plastic that dissolves?"

"They call it genetic engineering;" Tia explained further, "The Chemistry department at the University was able to design a chemical formulation for the diaphragm plastic that will dissolve in the presence of your semen. It's amazing when it comes to understanding the chemistry."

"Let me guess...and all of Greg's sperm are released to complete the impregnating mission."

"Precisely, my dear Watson."

Tim's mind began to wander. He loved to get into philosophical discussions with Tia when they had time alone; particular a discussion of a controversial nature. Tia's background in sex research kept him abreast of some of the most interesting phenomena taking place in the area of procreation. It was interesting to hear Tia express her personal feelings versus her trained professional opinions as a sex therapist.

Tim asked, "Have you ever looked back on the past few years and rationalized how we have reached this point in our lives? Is it wrong or is it right? Do you feel comfortable with this new found lifestyle?"

Tia responded, "I'm very comfortable with it. I think expanding our sex lives is a normal progression. Sex is for pleasure and procreation...most of the time for pleasure. Yet, they don't have to be tied together like so many people have done in the past. I do like the idea of it being special and something that we can share with very close friends. I'm convinced of that more now than ever."

"How so," Tim asked?

Tia went on, "I think the four of us are good examples. To say that one does not get the very excited from having sex with a different partner is totally unrealistic. And in our case we have found that special couple. They have helped us achieve a natural family and given us immense pleasure in doing so."

"Do you think that you could be so overwhelmed with the sex that you would want a divorce and live with Greg alone?"

"Oh heavens no," exclaimed Tia. In the first place the sex would lose its strangeness and the intense excitement would wane. Next, you are the other half of me. We complement each other. Our personalities coexist very comfortably. We exist as one, in life, as in sex. We have a home and a family. I'm not giving that up."

Tim smiled and said, "Thanks dear, just wanted to hear you say it again."

I knew you did and I love you for it. Then she smiled and mischievously added, "But I love to fuck Greg!"

Mockingly, Tim said, "And I... I... I... love to fuck Gwn."

Both of them laughed out loud as they drove up to the beach cottage.


II. A Productive Weekend

As they drove up and parked in front of the cottage the sun was setting over the horizon, providing a warm soft mood for the evening's activities. Tia spotted Greg and Gwn at the railing on the raised deck. Gwn held up a glass of wine and Greg held out two beers in outstretched arms.

Tia laughed endearingly, "Look at those crazy people up there. That little hussy has got to be so horny right now."

"Why," asked Tim?

Gwn had to go by NLC this morning and get the diaphragm put in place. In addition she was given the gender pill and an LBDplus.

"What's an LBDplus," Tim asked?

That stands for "Libido Plus" and is the new pill coming on the market for frigid women. I arranged for Gwn to get one this morning. So you'd better get ready for a ride tonight. Even right now I know her pussy is so swollen. She possibly feels that she has two small pillows between her legs and her panties are probably soaked with pussy juice.

"Hell, she's a hot little number without all that medication," said Tim.


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