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Author: zondar37m
Category: Erotic_Straight_Stories
Last updated: Aug 25, 2008

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I had just graduated from high school and, the job market being what it is, I wasn’t having much luck finding a job. But my mother told me one day that her friends Jennifer and Bill were looking for a live-in maid. Working through a regular agency would be too expensive, they said, but they didn’t want to hire someone they couldn’t trust, so they asked whether my mom knew anyone. She immediately thought of me, so I was soon at their house, being interviewed for the position.

I didn’t really know them very well. Come to think of it, my mom and dad didn’t know them very well either. But they were respected professionals with good incomes, so even if they didn’t want to pay top dollar, I figured I could do better than minimum wage. They both seemed very nice right from the beginning of the interview, so I quickly felt at ease.

“We’re both very busy with our jobs,” Jennifer explained, “so we really don’t have time to do household things. Are you comfortable with cleaning?”

“Oh sure,” I said. “I always clean up around my own house. The only difference is that now I’d be getting paid for it!”

They laughed. Then Bill continued, “Can you cook at all?”

I frowned. “Well, only really basic stuff: burgers, steaks, spaghetti, chicken --”

“That’s perfect!” he interrupted. “We’re not looking for a fancy chef. When it comes to dinner, we just want someone to cook and then clean up afterwards.”

“As long as I get to eat some too, I’m fine with that!” I said.

They chuckled again. “Let’s talk about your wage. We were thinking ….” The amount she mentioned made my jaw drop.

“Oh, that’s… that’s what? Per month?”

“No, no, dear. That’s what we want to pay you per week.” It was well over four times what I had hoped for at best. She continued, “And, of course, we would also give you your own room and as much as you’d like to eat, free of charge.”

I forced myself to shake the look of shock off my face and said, “That … that would be fine. So, I have the job then?”

Then there was a pause, while they looked at each other. I thought they were subtly signaling each other whether I had the job – although I did catch something odd in their expressions. Finally, Jennifer looked back at me and said, “There’s one more thing. We’ve heard a few things about you.”

“Uhm, what kind of things?” I asked, worried. I tried to remember anything I had done that might concern them about a potential maid. I couldn’t think of anything.

“You see,” Bill took over, “your mom talks about you a lot, somewhat indiscreetly if you don’t mind my saying so” (I blushed, but he continued), “and as a result Jennifer and I think you have some special … qualifications for this job.”

“What qualifications?” I asked warily.

Jennifer looked me right in the eye, and said evenly, “We want a maid and a cook. But we also want a ‘house-slut’: someone who will service Bill or me, or both of us, sexually – whenever and however we want it. Your mother complains that you are promiscuous – although she always adds, ‘Thank God she at least makes the guys use condoms!’ ” She chuckled at her own imitation of my mom, before concluding, “So you sound perfect to us.”

I stared at them blankly. “You want a … did you say ‘house-slut’?”

“Exactly. But you ALSO have to do cooking and cleaning. Are you interested in the job?”

I collected my thoughts for a moment, then said, “Isn’t this illegal?”

“Quite. Of course, if you run and tell anyone what we’ve said --”

“I wouldn’t,” I blurted out. And I knew that I meant it, although I wasn’t sure yet why.

“Good, but if you did it would be your word against ours. And if you record yourself having sex with us without our permission, we’d just say, 'We pay her as our maid, and she voluntarily fucks us. Nothing illegal about that.' Oh, and it’s now a felony to tape someone having sex without their permission.” Somehow, while saying all this, Jennifer managed to keep smiling in the most pleasant way, as if she were explaining how she wanted me to clean her clothes. “So,” she said, still smiling, “do you want the job?”

I seemed to be having an out-of-body experience while I heard my mouth say, “Yes.”

I was so nervous my first day at work that I was trembling. Jennifer was at her office, but Bill was doing some paperwork at home, so he took some time out to show me where the cleaning supplies were, and to discuss dinner. In a few minutes his charming manner and winning smile had me completely relaxed. He went to work in the den. I cleaned, I organized a few bits of clutter, I cooked, and after Jennifer got home I had the most delightful dinner with the two of them, who joked and bantered with me and with each other. They were obviously tired after dinner, so they sat with their arms around each other in a recliner and watched TV while I cleaned up. By the time I was done, they were both asleep. I turned off the TV and went to my room, setting my alarm for when I knew they both had to be up in the morning. Then I went to sleep.

The next day I felt happy and energized as I made them breakfast. This time Bill went into the office while Jennifer planned to work at home. As I cleaned up the dishes, I started to think that the last part of my job interview had been some weird practical joke. Maybe they just wanted to see if I have a sense of humor? They did like to tease each other a lot. Yes, that was probably it. They probably figured I was just playing along. Whew!

I headed into the family room, planning to vacuum it, when I was startled by Jennifer’s sharp voice behind me. “Caitlin!” she barked. “Get over here!”

I turned around and scurried over to her. What had I done? I wondered. Had I knocked over something valuable while I was cleaning? I didn’t think so. I had been so careful! Oh, I couldn’t lose this great job after just one day!

“Did I do something wrong?” I sputtered. “I’m sorry if I --” I didn’t even see Jennifer’s hand come up and grab my hair, but I sure felt it when she jerked me to my knees in front of her. She was wearing a cute, short, pleated skirt, which she quickly hiked up, revealing her bare, shaved pussy. I barely got a glance at it before she shoved my face into her crotch and angrily ordered, “Lick it! Lick my pussy!” I was too startled to do anything at first, so she tightened her grip on my hair and brutally rubbed my face against her hairless mound. “I said LICK IT, you bitch!” I finally got the idea, and started tonguing her moist, open slit. (I’d never eaten out another woman before, but there was no time for me to be shocked about THAT. And objecting didn’t seem like an option anyway.) After a moment, she said, “Stick out your tongue, long and hard, and tongue-fuck me!” I complied, and she jerked my head back and forth, completely indifferent to my comfort, as if I were just a face with a dildo attached. I could barely breathe, so I was grateful when she said, “Now flick my clit with your tongue!” Her voice was less angry now, but more guttural. If the pussy cream all over my face and running down her thighs didn’t tip it off, I could have told by her voice that she wouldn’t last long. I danced the tip of my tongue over her clit, quickly pushing her over the edge into a screaming orgasm, during which she pulled my hair even harder than before.

When she was through, we were both panting, and her legs were trembling. She released her grip, then stroked my hair to smooth it. I looked up at her and was surprised to see that lovely smile I was used to. She leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips, then affectionately gave my cheeks a couple of quick licks, before saying, “That was VERY good Caitlin! I knew we picked the right girl for the job! Oh, and you’ve been doing terrific with the cleaning and cooking too!”

Not knowing what else to do, I nodded and said, “Thanks.”

“I’m going to go clean up, and then I have to get down to some work. Why don’t you do the same.”

“Okay,” I replied, still in a daze. I had a very intense feeling of some kind on the way to the downstairs bathroom, but I couldn’t identify it at first. Fear? Outrage? Disgust? No. Lust. Intense lust. The wetness between my legs was very evident. Jennifer must have sensed it, because I heard her voice behind me again, this time very gentle, asking, “Are you horny, Caitlin?” I looked back at her and nodded. God, she’s going to fuck me, I thought. I’d never had a girl before, but I was so horny I’d let anyone eat me right now. But she said, “Don’t worry. I’m sure Bill will want you when he gets home.” With that she smiled and headed toward the upstairs bathroom.


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