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Kidnapped and Raped

Author: John Nail
Category: Gay_Stories
Last updated: Jan 15, 2009

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I once was a masculine straight guy that was turned into a bottom dick slut over a period of just 3 days and this is my story.
I came home from work and it was a Friday evening and I was bored and I heard that there was a party at the other end of town and me being young at the age of 19 I was all ready for it. After getting the directions I put on some pretty snug shorts and a tank top hoping to attract the attention of hopefully the ladies at the party. The attention I did get was what I hadn't planned on. Anyway as I went into the house I started getting a knot in my stomach when I realized it was all guys about 16 of them but the host saw me before I could get out.
He said," Come on in, there is a plenty of cold beer just make yourself comfortable."
He threw me a beer and I went the rest of the way inside and started joking and bullshitting with the guys in there. Some time went by about 3 hours and I drank about 12 pack and well I ended up sitting on the couch and than the host said," Let the party begin guys."
They all yelled and grabbed me and I couldn't have fought them off and they started taking me out to a van after they took me to the van they bound my legs and arms behind me and threw me inside.
I asked," What the hell is this? Where are you taking me now?"
The host laughed and said,"We are taking you to the real party house it is outside of town way back in the woods. Nobody goes there so we all should have some fun including you. I am sorry but where we were at well that just the bait but where we taking you now well let's just say you will be giving out in fact by the time we are done with you you will be a totally different guy so just relax and enjoy the ride
I rode in the back of the van for about 45 mins. than the van stopped and they lifted me out of the van and than as we went inside I saw the bed it looked filthy but than I noticed the leg and handcuffs. They took me to the bed stripped me naked and than laid me down face down and cuffed me face down spread-eagled.
The host said," I know you want this party to start now but we have to wait for the rest of the party. Don't worry it will start soon enough."
I now knew exactly what was going to happen but there was no way I could prevent it. The time seemed to go interminable but the next thing I knew the door opened and the rest of the guys came into the room.

I heard one said as he slapped my ass," Boy this is a nice one and is probably a virgin too."
He bent down and whispered in my ear," Sweetheart you are about to lose your virginity."
Well they all stripped and the host said," At 8" I have the smallest dick so I will go first."
I felt him lubing my ass with KY Gel and after that I felt pressure at the entrance and than he started to shove his dick in and I started to scream. He was forcing his dick past my sphincter and than it gave.
It kept going down further and further on past my prostate and my dick started leaking precum. I finally felt his pubes against my cheeks and than he started fucking me. He fucked me hard and fast for about 45 mins. and than I felt his dick swell deep inside and than getting flooded with his cum. He laid on top of me until his dick softened up and than popped out. Than the next guy entered me and I was hungry for his cock by now. He fucked me for an hour and I felt him cum deep inside. This went on until the 16 th guy and he was slowly unzipping his pants.
He said," I have a big surprise for you and it is big."
He took of his pants and underwear and than I gulped at the sight I saw.
What I saw was a monstrous cock it had to be 12" long and about 3" thick I never thought that there was a dick that big.
I whimpered," You are going to kill me with that dick please don't put that inside me."
He ignored me and started to put that dick in my battered and bruised ass. When he started pushing his dick into my hole I screamed in pain he kept going further and I thought that poop chute was going to be torn in two. He did get shoved all the way down and it was rubbing my stomach. Than he started fucking me and I was cumming all over myself and than I went out.
The next thing I knew I was back at the orignal house and my shorts were back on along with my tank top.
The host said," Oh you are awake how did you like your 3 day party?"
I said," Well, I have this strange feeling I can't now ever get enough cock."
He laughed and said," For now on you will have all the dicks you want sweetheart."


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