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The Babysitter

Author: Zorro69
Category: Group_Stories
Last updated: Sep 7, 2008

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Fiona applied the last of her mascara then started to pack her make up away. The doorbell rang and she walked into the hallway. "Darren, the babysitter has arrived are you nearly ready?" She opened the front door. "Evening Ying, come in and make yourself at home." Ying, the daughter of a family friend, was now Darren and Fiona's regular babysitter for their two-year-old son Joshua.

At only 18 years old Ying was almost ten years younger than them. She was a strikingly pretty oriental woman who was a little over five feet tall. Like many oriental ladies she was very slim and petite, but her young body appeared to be athletic and curvy in all the right places. Fiona teased Darren as she had caught him on more than one occasion paying a little too much attention to the babysitter.

Almost on cue Darren appeared "Hi, Ying how are you?"

"I am fine Darren. You guys have fun tonight, enjoy your birthday meal Darren." Fiona smiled at Darren, as he blushed aware that she had seen him eyeing up Ying's shapely backside. As she turned Fiona thought that Ying had looked away almost guiltily from her husband.

"Make yourself at home tonight, don't spend all night studying will you. The television, videos, DVD's and fridge are as much there for you tonight as they are ours. The restaurant's telephone number is by the phone."

"Thank you, as I say have a great time, I promise not to work all night." She replied smiling. Darren took Fiona's arm and they left for their evening out. Ying watched through the window as they climbed into the car before driving away.

Ying was certain that Fiona had spotted her eyeing her husband up. Despite seeing the two of them together, not to mention liking them both, Ying found Darren a very attractive man. If matters were different she would love to be intimate with him. Snapping out of her daydream she went into the kitchen to make a start on her coursework. Placing her watch beside her the timer was set for three quarters of an hour, when this elapses she will go and check on Joshua, then return door stairs and resume her work.

Absorbed in her essay the electronic bleep of her alarm took her attention so she finalised her paragraph before tidying her papers. Walking up the staircase she listened for any sounds but all was quiet. Creeping slowly into the bedroom her eyes adjusted to the darkness and she saw the small boy sleeping. His little snores were so cute and sweet she lightly brushed his forehead then, happy that he was peaceful, it was time for her to return downstairs. She did a further stint of work before one last check on Josh then it was time for her to relax.

Ying went to the kitchen and poured herself a long glass of Coca-Cola. She entered the lounge area, placing her glass on a coaster she then picked up the television guide, after a quick flick through she realised there was nothing she wanted to watch to the TV. Lying in front of the screen she turned the TV on and decided to pick a video to watch. Opening the unit she skimmed though the cassettes but did not find anything to her liking. Standing up she went to the shelves on the wall, which contained other tapes. A few were not labelled so she took these and placed the first in the machine. Pressing play she watched the screen and saw that this was an old episode of a soap opera. Rewinding the tape she ejected it and tried another. This time it was football, obviously one of Darren's.

Putting the last tape in the machine she pressed play and initially the tape was fuzzy then there was Fiona on the screen. She was sat on the sofa and Darren was talking to her while he filmed her. Leaning forward to rewind and eject the tape Ying froze as she heard what was being said.

"So Fiona are you going to show me your latest purchase?"

"Not while you have that in your hand you pervert!" She replied with an angry look, which then melted as she grinned. "How badly do you want to see it Darren?"

"I really want to see it. You know how long we have wanted to get one."

"This tape stays totally private then sit down cameraman." Ying was confused and curious as to what they were talking about. The camera moved as Darren walked across to the chair. Fiona had got up before walking to the stereo, she put on some music, then she started to dance in front of her husband. "Okay, are you ready? Do try and keep the camera steady." She flicked off her shoes while carrying on the dance movement.

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Her arms crossed in front of her as she took each side on the base of her t-shirt. Slowly and deliberately she lifted the shirt higher and higher until her black lacy bra was in view. Finally she pulled the top over her head. The dance continued with her in her jeans and bra. Ying had always thought that Fiona was attractive but looking at her now she was stunning. Her long curly black hair fell to the top of her bust. Darren zoomed the camera to her face, which was undeniably pretty with her blue-green eyes staring sexily into the camera. She licked her red lips she asked, "Are you horny yet Darren?" Her eyes fell and a smile broke over her face, "Mmmm very nice, I'll come to that later if you don't mind."

The camera panned back as Fiona unbuttoned her jeans and let them fall without breaking her locked gaze with Darren. Stepping out of the trousers she parted her legs and placed a hand in the front of her panties. As she moved in front of her husband it was clear that she was rubbing her clit and her face coloured slightly.

"Stop teasing me you dirty bitch I thought this was for my enjoyment?"

"Oh you are going to be so happy my little boy." Her hands moved to her back, as she was about to undo her bra. Quickly she turned as the back separated, but she cupped her breasts, stopping the bra from falling. Facing the camera she walked towards Darren she asked "Are you ready?" Before he could answer the bra fell but keeping the tease going she held her firm boobs in her raised palms. Ying felt a tiny pang of jealousy as Fiona looked to be at least a C cup, while she could only boast little firm 34A titties. Her mouth fell open as when Fiona's hands fell the surprise was unveiled...... Fiona's right nipple had a piercing.

"Fuck me that is so horny darling."

"I don't need to ask if you like it do I? Would you like me to take care of that?" Walking towards Darren she then fell to her knees and as the camera continued to follow Darren's erect penis briefly was in view. It did not stay in the picture long as Fiona's dark ringlets filled the screen as she started to give her husband oral. Darren's breathing became more laboured and Fiona made a lot of slurping and sucking noises.

"Oh Fiona that feels great.....I can't hold on for long....... Look me in the eye if I can fill you mouth?" Then without a word see looked up at him and winked. "Thank you sweetheart." She carried on looking at him as she bobbed up and down. Darren moaned, there was a slurping noise, Fiona's cheeks bulged as her eyes widened then a trickle of sperm fell from the corner of her mouth.

Ying knew that her pussy was getting damp, as she felt really horny after watching this. She shouldn't do anything here but she was just so hot. Her mind was in turmoil as they were her friends, but she found Darren very attractive. Given her aroused state she decided to have a quick rub and rewound the tape. As the strip started she pushed a hand under her skirt into her panties. Her hand slide over her perfectly smooth pubic mound, which she always kept hairless, and her fingers found her damp slit. Her finger began to slowly rub her erect little clit. Lying back on the floor in front of the screen she started to enjoy this dirty feeling while watching Fiona disrobe.

The feeling was so good Ying decided to tease herself by easing her hand movements if she was getting close. Then letting the feelings build before pausing, this was a way she had masturbated before and she knew the feeling would ultimately be so good. Rubbing slowly again she focused on the blowjob on screen and when it had finished she rewound it and hit play again.


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