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A Mother and Son

Author: AzraelAOD
Category: Incest_Stories
Last updated: Oct 22, 2007

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{An incest story written for my girlfriend.}

It's late on a Saturday night and I'm just getting out of the shower and drying off. It's very warm in the bathroom and my cock is swollen and slapping against my thighs. I want to play with it, but I know you are waiting for the shower so I put on my shorts and open the door. I call out to you, "Mom, I'm done, it's all yours."

You come out of your bedroom wearing just your silk robe. I try not to look but your robe is opening and I can see a lot of cleavage. I pretend like I'm looking at the floor as you walk past me. You swat me playfully on the butt and tell me to start getting ready for bed. I walk to my bedroom and listen until I hear the water turn on.

I quietly sneak down the hallway to the bathroom door. You always leave the door cracked open and I peak into the bathroom. We have a clear shower door and I can see every inch of you as you lather your body up. I know what I'm doing is wrong, that you're my Mom, but I can't help it, I really need to watch you. Sometimes you masturbate in the shower and I can't help myself, I have to reach down and play with myself too. Then when I'm ready to cum I run off to my bedroom and finish myself off.

This time though you seem to be in a hurry and just as my cock gets fully hard you wash yourself off and turn off the water. I have to run to my bedroom to keep from getting caught, I grab a book off my bookshelf and jump into bed. I cover up quickly to hide my erection. My heart is beating so fast as I hear you walking down the hallway. You stop at my bedroom doorway and I can feel your eyes staring at me, I'm so scared thinking that maybe you saw me this time. You softly say, "Honey?"

I'm really scared now and my voice cracks as I ask you, "What?"

"I need to talk to you, can you come into my bedroom?" you ask.

I know I'm in trouble now and I look up to see that you're gone. I throw my book down on the floor, summon up my courage and get up. I walk slowly down the hall wondering what you are going to do to me for spying on you. I get to your bedroom doorway and see you sitting on the bed, your robe is open all the way down to your waist but I look away quickly. You pat the bed next to you and ask me to sit down.

I sit down about a foot away from you and you get up and move right next to me, your thigh right up against my thigh. I don't want it to, but my cock starts to harden and press against the leg of my shorts. You wrap one arm around me and place the other hand on my thigh. The feeling of your hand on me causes my cock to grow even harder as it slides down my leg. You start to speak, "Honey, you're going off to college soon and we should have a talk about girls."

I'm suddenly relieved, you didn't see me staring at you, you just want to have a sex talk with me! I try not to show my relief and whine, "Aw Mom, I'm 18! I think I know about sex!"

"I know Baby, I know. But that isn't what I want to talk about." you reply. You continue on, "Honey, you've seen a naked girl before, haven't you?"

I pause for a moment before I nervously answer, "Yes Mom."

"Have you slept with a girl?" you ask.

"No," I pause for a moment because I'm a little ashamed that I'm still kind of a virgin, then I continue, "I've made out with a few girlfriends but all we did was mess around a little. We've taken off each others clothes and touched each other...y'know, played with each others...parts...One gave me oral, but that's it. I don't want to get anyone pregnant."

"Good Baby, that's very responsible of you," you say calmly. Then you ask "Honey, have you ever seen a grown woman naked?"

I look up to see you staring sternly at me. Oh no, you know, I know that you know. I know I have to fess up now, I swallow hard and say, "Yeah, but it was an accident, I swear!"

You calmly ask me, "What was an accident Baby?"

"Well, I forgot something in the bathroom and I thought I could get in there before you started your shower and I kind of saw you in the shower. I'm sorry Mom, I didn't mean to look, but I got curious!" I stammer.

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Calmly you look at me and ask, "Is that the only time you've watched me in the shower?"

My heart is beating so fast as I start to lie, "Yes Mom..."

You look at me coldly and I look down at the floor and answer, "No, it wasn't."

You wrap your arm around me again and start to speak, "Honey, I know that you're curious, it's ok. Why do you think I always leave the door open a little?"

I'm completely blown away, I ask, "You mean you want me to look at you???"

You place your hand on my thigh again, this time further up, unfortunately it is the leg where my cock is running down and now your hand is only an inch from the head of my cock. I want it to stop growing put it pushes on closer and closer to your hand, like it wants to touch it. You gently squeeze my thigh and say, "Yes Honey. You're a young man, you have raging hormones, and I know you want to see a naked woman. I would rather it be me than some little slut that only wants you to get her pregnant so she can ruin your life!"

I don't know what to say so I just sit there quietly looking at the floor as I try to get my cock to stop growing. You pull your hand away from my thigh and I'm relieved, a few more seconds and it would have pressed against your hand. You lean in close to me and whisper into my ear, "Would you like to see me right now? Without having to hide behind a door?"

I stutter a little as I say, "I don't know."

You smile and say, "Maybe this will help. How about if I admit something to you?"

I look at you, wondering what you could have to hide. "I know you sleep in the nude." you say.

I'm shocked again as I ask, "How do you know that???"

You calmly reply, "Because a lot of nights, after you've fallen asleep, I come to your room, open the door and stare at you. You're a very restless sleeper and usually you kick the sheets off as soon as you fall asleep, you've done that since you were a little boy. Sometimes you don't and I quietly walk into the room and pull them off of you. I love to look at your naked body, especially that big cock of yours, just like your Dad had. Oh, I miss him so much. Sometimes I sit in your chair and masturbate while I look at you. Every once in a while I even touch that big cock of yours. You almost woke up once, it scared me for a second, but then it turned me on and I masturbated right there on the bed with you."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing but apparently my cock did because the head was now peaking out of the leg of my shorts. I hear you laugh and say, "That can't be very comfortable."

I look up and see you staring at my cock. You say, "Let me help you with that." as you reach down into my shorts and pull my cock up against my stomach.

I can't believe how good it feels to have another persons hand on my cock, and then I remember it's my Mom's! I know it's wrong but that makes it feel even better. You look at me and repeat your question, "Would you like to see your Mommy naked?"

'Mommy?' Why is she calling herself Mommy? That's so weird, I haven't called her Mommy since I was little. And why did my cock throb when I heard her say it?' I think to myself.

She repeats herself again, this time sounding a little angry, "Do you want to see Mommy naked?"

Again as she says Mommy my cock throbs, I think I like it. I clear my throat and weakly say, "Yes."

"Good." you reply as you stand up.

You slowly untie the sash on your silk robe and it drops open revealing the sides of each of your breasts and your shaved mound. I've watched you shave it many times in the shower and I almost cum every time I see you do it. You slide the robe over your shoulders and it falls to the floor. You stand in front of me totally nude, my eyes dart all over your body not able to figure out what they want to look at next, your beautiful breasts or your shaved pussy. You turn around and show me your wonderful butt too.


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