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A Mother's Sacrifice

Author: Zorro69
Category: Incest_Stories
Last updated: Jan 25, 2010

Rated 7.4 with 22 ratings
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It all changed the day when Lucy’s afternoon lecture was cancelled at the last moment. She picked up her papers then made her way home to grab something to eat before planning to study in the peace of her room. Casting her bag on top of the papers she had placed on the passenger seat she clicked her seatbelt shut. Turning the ignition key the engine fired, looking up into the rear-view mirror, she reversed out of the parking bay.

When Lucy had turned eighteen her mother had brought her the second hand Clio saying that it would allow her more freedom. This gesture was even greater to Lucy as when she was fifteen her father had walked out on them following an affair with his assistant. Although the affair had not lasted Lucy’s mother had refused to accept him back as she felt the betrayal was too great. The good that came out of this was that the bond between mother and daughter had grown as close as it could be. On Lucy’s eighteenth her mother had parked the ‘present’ on their drive. Lucy was overcome to have a car of her own but it was the sacrifice that she knew her mum had made which had made the tears well in her eyes.

Before her parent’s separation Lucy had taken her father’s well paid job for granted, growing used to having almost anything she wanted given to her. When only the two of them were left her mother had taken a job each weekday morning so she could top up the reduced finances whilst keeping everything fine in the house and Lucy looked after. Lucy’s mother had never complained to her despite the fact that the increased workload had left her less inclined to go out of an evening so she had spent less time with her friends. Yet that had been the very time when her mum’s self-confidence had been lowered so she really needed to go out and enjoy herself.

Driving towards home Lucy tapped the steering wheel in time with the CD that she had playing. Since she had driven to college the ‘commuting time’ had dropped from nearly half an hour to barely ten. Pulling up in front of her house Lucy grabbed all her things and walked down the pathway. Reaching up she unlocked the front door, whilst clutching the papers to her chest, she walked into the hall and immediately threw the door to the living room open so she could walk through to the dining room and scatter her belongings on the table. Lucy’s mouth fell open as she looked into the room. Before her a graphic image of a woman sucking a large black cock filled the television screen and then as Lucy turned she saw her mother pulling a large dildo from her pussy.

Lucy’s mother’s face flushed partly from the shock and embarrassment of being caught but also the fact that she had almost reached her orgasm which had now all but disappeared following the disturbance. Lucy dropped her papers onto the coffee table and fled from the room. She was almost as embarrassed as her mum but was also shocked to have seen her aroused and masturbating.

Once inside her room Lucy sat on the bed with her mind swimming over what had greeted her arrival home. Mentally she cursed her father for his affair and she realised the deep hurt that her mother must have felt as she had refused to take him back when it would have been such an easy option for the family to take. Realising her mother needed a sexual release made her see a way yet another sacrifice had been made by her mum. Then she thought of the times when she had been growing up. Not having a boyfriend she too had enjoyed the relief of masturbating which was tinged with the longing for a lover. She could only contemplate the frustrating for someone who had once had that to then lose it through his or her lover’s selfishness. Then her thoughts were momentarily broken by the sound of the bedroom door across the hall closing.

With her mother in her room Lucy decided to check the living room was tidy as she had cast her bag and papers down with little thought. Once downstairs she saw the house, as it would appear on any other day. Nothing was out of place and all appeared normal. Slowly and silently she began to ascend the stairs, before moving towards her room, she stopped by the bedrooms as she heard her mum sobbing. Lucy decided not to knock and simply opened the door and walked over to her mother who was sat on the end of the bed. Without a word she placed her arm around her shoulders and drew herself closer.

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“I’m so sorry.” Her mum said between sobs.

Lucy was amazed to hear this. “Why?”

With the crying stopping her mother looked across to her. As she wiped her eyes Lucy smiled warmly at her as her mother composed herself. “It’s that you shouldn’t have seen me doing that.” Lucy reached up and caught a stray teardrop from the soft flesh of her mum’s cheekbone.

“Mum, it’s not like I haven’t done the same. I just wish I had had your video to watch!” They both laughed and the tension was fully dispersed. “I just had not thought of you in that position.”

“Neither did I darling. Right up until I discovered your father’s affair we had a really healthy and active sex life. I would never have guessed I was sharing him. Anyway it just means… I really miss it.”

Lucy’s hand massaged her mum’s shoulder as she spoke. “Don’t get me wrong Lucy but of late its got worse. Now you have grown into a young lady you get lots of attention. Whilst I am proud of you and its great to see you dating and obviously having fun it does hurt me a little inside when I remember what I have lost.”

Lucy initially looked shocked. “What….?” She asked unsure of the point being made.

“It just reminds me that I am getting older, lonelier and….. hell as you now know I miss sex. It dawns on a mum that she can no longer turn heads I guess.”

“Oh don’t be so sure.” Lucy blurted out before she had really thought of what she was saying. Her mum raised a quizzical eyebrow. “I have heard men and boys compliment you. Remember Gavin?”

“Sure, he was a smashing lad. I thought it was a shame you guys got together so early as he will make a one women very lucky when she marries him.”

Lucy laughed. “This was NOT the reason we broke up….understand?” She asked. Her mum just nodded so she carried on. “Well one day when he had had a meal here we got talking. He said that he knew he would always find me alluring. When I asked why he simply said one should look at the mum. I pressed him on it and he explained that he found you very sexy.”

“No way. You are just saying that.”

“God no. I am being honest. He confessed that being aware of our facial resemblance to one another he was wondering, having seen me naked, if the likeness carried over for the whole of our respective bodies. I could see there was a glint in his eye that I took to mean that he was testing the water.”

“No!” Her mother replied looking shocked yet flattered by the thought.

“Oh yes Mum. I think he was keen on at least seeing ‘more of you’ if not taking it further. I don’t know why you are so shocked. I think most guys fantasise about having two women - so a mother and daughter would be a logical step. Especially when they are both as hot as us!” She added laughing as she pulled her mother close to her.


Although Lucy had planned on spending her afternoon working on her coursework she decided to change her plans. She considered it would send her mum the wrong signals if she then ‘hid herself away’ in her room, even though she would be working, so she suggested they spend the afternoon on the sofa watching a film. During the course of the film Lucy found herself snuggling up to her mother as she had done as a younger child. With her mum’s hand’s gently stroking her hair Lucy ended up lying across the sofa with her head resting in her mum’s lap. The film ended and as the credits rolled on the screen Lucy’s mother broke the silence.

“Thank you for earlier.”

Lucy looked up at her mum. “No problems.” Then as she saw the smile spread across her face she had an idea. “You do know I am in contact with Gavin don’t you? I could ring him up if you like.”


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