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After School Special

Author: Zip Code
Category: Incest_Stories
Last updated: Jan 25, 2010

Rated 7.0 with 46 ratings
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"Ooohhh Mom…ooohhh Mom….God..ooohhh…" Ben held the back of his mother's head as she bounced her head back and forth, dragging her wet lips up and down his prick. Ashley's head twisted all around giving her boy a full range of pleasure on all sides of his prick.

"Come on Ash. Give the boy a break." Ben watched as Mrs. Darien bent down and lifted his Mom off his cock and onto her feet.

"Nooooo!" Ashley whined as she was torn from the treat she wasn't finished eating.

Stephanie laughed. "Relax Ashley. Shit, I've never seen you like this. It's okay. We're not done yet."

Ashley's breathing was rapid and deep. Her hot and seductive eyes were staring her son in the face with anxious waiting.

"Mom? I…I…oh God…I…" Ben saw the look in his Mom's face and it scared him. This whole thing was way too much at once. His mother was craving his cock like it was the best thing she'd ever had in her mouth. He didn't know how to handle it. His teacher, Mrs. Darien, was obviously up to something. She had told his mother it wasn't over yet, and he believed her. He didn't know what to do. His own breathing became quicker at the look in Mrs. Darien's eyes. His heart was beating out of his chest and he felt like passing out.

Ashley started to struggle away from her best friend's hold. She was desperately trying to get back to her son's rigid shaft. Stephanie thought this was unbelievable. Her plan had worked better than she had thought. She had tempted her friend with the forbidden fruit of her son's cock, and Ashley went for it full force. In fact she practically had to subdue Ashley from breaking away and returning to her blowjob.

"Relax Ash!" Stephanie giggled, "You'll get more of that, soon. Just relax. First let's get you undressed." Ashley stood there silently and with lustful expression. She stared her son down like a predator eyeing its prey. Stephanie began to remove Ashley's top. She grabbed the bottom and lifted it up revealing her round tits.

"No bra Ash?" Stephanie asked. She brought the shirt up but stopped. She struggled to get Ashley's arms up by to no avail. "Hey Ash, lift your arms baby." Slowly the horny mother lifted her arms and allowed her friend to remove the shirt. Ashley's tits were so firm and perky; she hardly needed a bra. Her nipples were already sticking out towards the eyes of her son. Next, Stephanie removed Ashley's business slacks by sliding them down her incredible legs.

Ben felt a throbbing in his head as his Mom's cotton panties came into view. Her pussy lips poked through the cotton and were easy to see. A small triangle of blonde hair was trimmed neatly above her lips. Ben felt his mouth water.

Stephanie then placed her fingers in the waist of Ashley's cotton panties and pulled them down to the floor.

Ben about had a heart attack. His legs started to buckle and he began sliding down the wall.

"Oh no you don't" Stephanie ran over to the collapsing boy and put an arm over her shoulder. "Ash, help me."

Ben's Mom walked over to her slipping child and put his other arm over her own shoulder.

Together the women lifted the young boy up and dragged him over to Mrs. Darien's chair. He sat down and tried to sit up. He scooted up in the chair and leaned his head back. His collapsing eyelids opened slightly to see the two incredible women, naked, horny, and standing before him looking down at his tall standing erection.

Stephanie looked at Ashley, "Who's going first Ash?"

Ben's Mom didn't answer. She just stood before her son and breathed heavily. Her pert tits just heaved up and down as her new motherly urges kicked into overdrive.

"Ash? You wanna flip for it?"

Ashley looked from her son to her friend. "Do you really have to ask?"

With that Ashley took a step forward and straddled her son in the chair. Grabbing hold of his shoulders she pulled herself forward into position above his steel rod. She kept her legs on the ground for bouncing support and lowered herself onto him.

Ben held each side of her firm belly and stared tiredly at her tits in front of him.

Her small, tight pussy lips spread as they touched the head of his cock and slid down his shaft tightly.

Don't You wanna have Your own RUSSIAN WHORE ?

"UUUUUhhhhh…Ben…baby…oh shit! OOOohhh!" Ashley yelled as she sunk all the way down.

"Mom…I…oh God…Mom…this isn't right…Oohhh!" Ben uttered weakly as his Mom started to bounce up and down.


The sensations flooded his body. She rocked him up and down in the chair causing it to squeak and roll on its wheels.

"OOOooohhhhh…fuck…..Ben Fucking Damn It!…Sooo Good!" The chair slid back against the wall and Ben bumped his head. But Ashley didn't notice, nor did she care. The only feeling she was interested in was feeling she got when her son's enormous cock slid in and out of her pussy.

Stephanie leaned over and started to suck on one of Ashley's nipples. Then she turned her head and sucked on Ben's tongue.

"Oohhh…Mrs. Darien…Uuhhhh…fuck…Mom….Oohh Mrs. Darien…" Ben was in utter pleasure. He couldn't think straight as his Mom sprung herself up and down on his cock like a pogo stick. She was possessed. Ashley felt like she could do this non-stop forever.

"Ben…hahhhaa…oh fuck Ben…uahhhh…oooohhhhh…Ben…" Ashley groaned and moaned as she banged her son repeatedly.

"Mom…ohhhhh…Mom…so tight…fucking tight Mom…"

"Call me Mommy…OOOoohhh Ben…call me Mommy…" Ashley instructed her son.

"Oh God Mommy….Ughhh…so tight…Mommy…sooooo tight….." Ben obeyed his Mother.

Stephanie stood idly by and watched chair with the fucking mother and son. The sight was too much and she began to frig herself wildly. Her two fingers inserted into her pussy and she began a fierce stroking on her clit.

"Oh you two…soooo fucking hot Ash…fuck Ben hard…fuck him hard and fast Ash…" Stephanie encouraged the bouncing mother as she started to lightly spank her clit. As she watched Ashley heed her advice and pick up the pace on Ben's prick, Stephanie's spanking increased.

Ben was huffing loudly and turned his head to the masturbating teacher. The sight of her getting off as his Mom fucked him hard was sending extra signals of arousal to his brain. At first he couldn't tell what the signal was instructing, but soon figured it out. He held tightly to his Mom's bouncing ass so she wouldn't fall off as she jumped up and down. Then he leaned his head over to the self-pleasuring teacher.

"Ooohhh…Mrs. Darien…sooooo nice…uuuhhhh…Mrs. Darien…"

She kept up her pussy spanking and looked lustfully down at the young boy. She wasn't sure what he was doing but it looked as though he was falling out of the chair. That wasn't surprising, by the way that Ashley was fucking him, but something told her that wasn't it.

She inched closer to his head.

"Ooohhh…Mrs. Darien…soooo smooth…uhhh God Mrs. Darien…soooo nice and smooth…"

When she got closer to the moaning teenager, she realized that her pussy was level with his mouth. She groaned loudly when she realized she was going to get a little relief, not by her own hand. She straightened her body upwards and spread her pussy with two fingers. She reached his awaiting mouth as he extended his tongue. Then the lust crazed boy proceeding in licking her pussy with his head arched to side. She ran her hands through his hair and leaned her head back.

"OOOOooooohhhhhh Ben!!"

Mrs. Darien was impressed. This kid was in the middle of the fuck of the century. Yet he still had the courage, will, and energy to lick her pussy.

Stephanie moaned as his tongue began flicking her clit, "Oh..OH..oh…OH…Ben..fuck…oh..Oh"

Meanwhile Ashley was reaching down between herself and her son and started spanking her own clit as his massive shaft penetrated her. Ashley had been transformed into the Energizer Bunny and was fucking him like a bunny as well. Stephanie was stunned the kid hadn't come yet. She hoped she would get a little of this kid before the night was over. The janitors should be around a little later to clean the rooms. That had Stephanie a little concerned, because the janitors had keys. Also, the school hallway echoed a lot. She just hoped that no one could hear the intense incestuous threesome going on in her classroom. Thoughts of her losing her job flashed through her head briefly. But then she was brought out of it by the teenage tongue that was fucking her insides.


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