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An Love of Romance

Author: Charles Grant Lawhead, Jr.
Category: Incest_Stories
Last updated: Sep 13, 2010

Rated 5.3 with 21 ratings
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It happened on my eighteenth birthday that I had fallen in love with my sister. She is roughly one year older than me. She is 5'4" and weighs 123 lbs. Her name is Rebecca. She is skinny, but has a small belly. Her breast are B cup size and she has brown hair ( as well as blue eyes). She is very pretty and very sexy. On my eighteenth birthday, she had worn a pink dress that shown her small nipples and some cleavage. I did get a hard on and i could see her pink panties. She was very beautiful and I wanted to fuck her, badly. However, she had never shown any interest in that way.

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