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My Son's Big Cock

Author: Carolyn Matthews
Category: Incest_Stories
Last updated: Jun 10, 2010

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All characters in this story that participate in adult sexual activity,
or view adult sexual activity are at least 18 years old.

It is about eight o'clock in the evening and I am watching television by
myself, when I see headlights coming up the driveway. It must be my son
Andy, because he always comes home promptly on weeknights.

He comes in the front door, walks over and gives me a quick kiss, then
goes into the kitchen to get himself a beer.

He sits down on the couch next to me, pops his beer open and says
"Mom, can I confide in you about a personal problem that I have been
suffering about?"

I turn the television volume down with the remote control and reply
to him "Of course you can honey! You know you can tell me anything!"

He pauses for a few moments, then says to me "Mom, I don't think I am
ever going to get laid! This is the second time a girl has turned me
down to have sex because they say my cock is too big and will stretch
out their pussys!

I start to giggle, and Andy says "Stop Mom! I am serious! I think that
it got so big because I have been jerking off everyday for the past
couple of years thinking about seeing what you look like naked."

His comment makes me flush for a moment, then I regain my composure
and say to him "Do you really think I am sexy enough for men to look
at while they masturbate?"

Andy immediate replies "Mom, you are fucking awesome! You are thin,
have long blond hair, nice tits, and beautiful long legs! All of my
friends keep asking me if they come over and swim in our pool so they
might have a chance to see you in a bikini."

Andy just pressed the right buttons inside me, and I am anxious to
continue our conversation.

I say to him "Well, what I think you are getting at, is you want my
opinion on how large I think your cock is."

Andy replies "Please Mom! Just take a look at it and let me know if
you think it is too big like what the girls tell me!"

I think for a few moments, then tell Andy "Well okay honey. Stand up
and take your clothes off, then sit back down on the couch next to me."

Andy hops off the couch, quickly strips naked and stands in front of
me for a few moments while he strokes his cock back and forth a few

He sits down next to me and I can't keep my eyes off of it! My God, it
must be at least eight or nine inches long, and is not even hard yet!

I start to get a tingling sensation in my pussy, but put the incest
thoughts in the back of my mind as I say "That looks pretty normal to
me Andy. Does it get any bigger?"

Andy immediately says "It gets a lot bigger when I kiss a girl and
she lets me play with her tits."

I think for a moment, then say "Well, I really want to help you with
your problem about thinking your cock is too big, so do you think it
would help if I took off my clothes and sat next to you?"

Andy's eyes open wide and he replies "Oh Jesus Christ Mom, that would
really make my cock get hard as a rock!"

I get up from the couch, strip naked, light up a cigarette and walk
around the living room while Andy starts stroking his cock up and

I don't believe what I am doing!

I need a beer really quick to calm me down, so I go to the kitchen to
get one. After I open the refrigerator door, the light comes on, and
I ask myself "How far are you going to go with this situation?"

I twist off the beer cap, take a few swallows, then return to the
living room and sit down next to my son.

Andy is anxious for my opinion and says "Mom, do you think my cock is
bigger than normal? My girl friends tell me that can't even put their
fingers around it. Would you try that, so we can see if you can or

I hesitate for a few moments, then Andy reaches over, grasps my wrist
and guides it to his big cock.

Oh my God, my fingers won't even go about half the way around it!

Instinctively, I start stroking it up and down, and Andy leans towards
me. Our lips meet, then I push my tongue inside his mouth.

Don't You wanna have a personal russian slut?

Oh my God, I am jacking off my son while we are tongue kissing! I am a
fucking slut!

Andy starts playing with my tits while we kiss and I continue jacking
his cock up and down.

Suddenly, I push him away from me and say to him "Andy, we should not
be doing this! I mean, I should not get up from the couch and sit
down on your cock to see if it would fit inside of me! That would be
wrong and I should not do that! Don't try and convince me that only
way to see if your cock is too big, is to see if I can take the whole
thing inside of me!"

Andy immediately replies "Mom, the only way I will know if my cock is
too big, is if you straddle me on the couch, and lower yourself down
on it. It would make me really happy if you did that!"

I am getting very nervous, and need another beer. I get up from the
couch and say "I am going to get myself another beer, do you want

He replies "Sure Mom! Get me one please, then come back over here and
walk around naked in front of me while you smoke your cigarette. You
look so sexy when you do that! I can't wait to have my cock inside you
for the first time!"

I open the refrigerator door again and say to myself "Should I do this,
or should I not? I love my son, but this is different! Maybe I should
just run up to my room and close the door and hope to forget this
conversation never happened, or should I continue and maybe regret this
day for the rest of my life?"

I take the two beers back to the living room, hand one to Andy, then
sit down next to him and pop mine open.

We start tongue kissing after a few moments, and Andy runs his hand
down between my naked legs and starts "finger fucking" me while he
says "Come on Mom, you know you want it! You want my big cock inside
your tight little pussy! Please let me fuck you Mom! I have been
waiting my entire life to fuck you!"

I am starting to get drunk and push his hand away from me. I take
another swallow of beer, then say to Andy "Okay, I will fuck you if
you promise never to tell anybody! You can't tell anybody that you
fucked me for the rest of your life! Not anybody, not tomorrow or
twenty years from now!"

Andy immediately says "I promise you Mom that I will never tell

I finish off my second beer, then light up another cigarette and say
to him "Do your friends really think I am sexy in my bikini?"

Andy replies "Mom, your body is smokin hot! Why do you think I have
all the friends I do? They just want to come over and look at you
swimming in the pool so they can go home and masturbate while
thinking of your image."

I snuff out my cigarette and say to my son "Andy, lets see if that cock
of yours will fit inside me."

I stand up, then turn around and straddle him on the couch. My knees
push down on the cushions as I face him and start lowering myself down.

I reach between my legs to guide his "baseball bat" sized cock inside
my pussy and relax my legs to let it slowly enter me.

The big purple head of his cock pushes through my pussy lips, then pops
inside me.

I let the weight of my body do the rest as I grab another cigarette
from the table next to us and light it. As I puff on the cigarette, I
feel my pussy gradually let the monster cock slide inside me.

Every thirty seconds or so, I raise up, then let myself back down.

After about four or five minutes Andy says "Look Mom, you did it! You
are seated all the way down on me!"

I am proud of myself and say to him "Well, does this answer your
question about having a cock that is too big! Yes, it is pretty big,
but look that your Mommy took the whole thing inside her without a
problem! Are you happy now Andy?"

Suddenly, the phone rings, so I reach over and answer it. The person
says "Is Andy at home?", so I hand the phone to him.

It is on the "speaker phone" and I hear the person say "Andy, my Mom
says she does not want the guys over tonight to play poker, can we


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