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My Son's Big Cock

Author: Carolyn Matthews
Category: Incest_Stories
Last updated: Jun 10, 2010

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come over to your house at the regular time?"

Andy winks at me, then says "Sure, we can play poker over here and
my Mom is going to be our "topless" waitress for the night!"

I hear the guy on the phone say "You got to be shitting me Andy! You
mean your smokin hot mother is going to walk around topless and serve
us beers while we play poker?"

Andy winks at me again, then replies into the telephone "She sure is!
Do you want to ask her anything before you call the rest of the guys?"

The person on the phone says "Sure, put her on!"

Andy hands the phone to me and I say "Hi, I am Andy's mother but
cannot talk to you right now because I am busy fucking him!"

I hand the phone back to Andy, then he says "Mom, you better promise
to walk around topless tonight because there are going to be a lot
of guys here that want to see you naked!"

As Andy puts the phone down, I start bouncing up and down on his big
cock. Oh my God it feels good inside me!

I toss my long blond hair around and start screaming "Oh my God! Oh my
God! Shoot your sperm inside me Andy! Shoot your sperm! Fuck me Andy!

Don't You wanna have Your own RUSSIAN WHORE ?

Fuck me!"

After just a few minutes, Andy urgently says "Mom, I can't wait any
longer! Is it okay if I ejaculate inside you? I know I should not,
because that is called "incest", but I really want to!"

I reply to him "I don't give a fuck! Do what ever you want!"

Suddenly, Andy holds me still and I feel his cock jerk inside of me
and start gushing warm sperm. I lean forward and kiss him as his cock
keeps pumping and pumping more sperm inside my pussy.

The gushing of his sperm inside me triggers an orgasm that shoots
through my entire body and causes me to start convulsing! My eyes roll
back in my head and I faint.

When I wake up, I notice that Andy has put a blanket over my naked body
and says "I am sorry Mom for what I did to you! Will you ever forgive

I ask him "What time is it?"

He replies "About nine o'clock and the guys are arriving for the
poker game."

I tell him "Just give me a couple of minutes to take a shower, then I
will be serving drinks for the rest of the evening."

Andy says "I love you Mom!"


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