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Summer With My Granddaughter

Author: zeke81
Category: Incest_Stories
Last updated: Jan 25, 2010

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“I take it you brought this story for a reason?” I asked.

“Yes, grandpa, I remember those baths as a child as the best memories of my life because your contact with me was so innocent and still so sexual. Even though I didn’t realize it at the time I was turned on by you giving me a bath. I decided to trick you into promising me anything I wanted to get you to give me a bath for old times sake. Judging by the bulge in your pants you’ve had almost as much fun as I have.” Amy said.

“I haven’t had any sort of sexual activity other than masturbation since before you were born.” I said.

“That’s okay grandpa, I’ve never been with a man so I wouldn’t know what to expect anyway.” Amy said.

“You’re sure you want to do this?” I asked.

“Do you think I’d have played the little girl role and had six fingers in my pussy id I didn’t want this?” Amy asked.

“Okay, but we’ll have to wait, I don’t have any condoms.” I said.

“I’m on the pill grandpa, I planned this far ahead.” Amy said.

“Okay. Let’s start by getting those ridiculously undersized pajamas off of you.” I said.

“Gladly, I usually sleep naked at home.” Amy said. She quickly shed the skimpy garments. “Why don’t you let your cock out, he’s suffocating in there.” Amy said.

“You come and let him out.” I said.

She dove to her knees at my feet and unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned, and unzipped my pants. She pulled my pants to my ankles. She then slid her hands up and down the length of my shaft straining hard against my boxers with her left hand and gripped my cock as her right hand pulled my boxers down.

“Wow grandpa, your cock is really big. Do you mind if I suck it?” Amy asked.

“Help yourself.” I said.

She began licking my cock up and down. When it was good and wet she opened her mouth and took my cock in her mouth and began to suck it further and further into her throat. She was brand new to cock sucking so she wasn’t very good at it, so I was able to hold back, but she got good really fast. She started following her mouth with both hands. She twisted her hands in opposite directions around my cock as she stroked my thick shaft.

To my surprise she was able to get all ten inches of my cock in her mouth. After 15 minutes of Amy working my cock with her mouth I could feel my balls tighten up and then the floodgates opened and a geyser of cum that I’d built up burst forth into her mouth. Like a trooper she gagged at first then swallowed every last drop.

“God grandpa, you must have needed to do that for a long time.” Amy said, licking her lips of the remnants of my cum.

“You have no idea. Now lie down and let grandpa repay the favor.” I said.

She lay back on the bed and I got my first taste of pussy in ¼ of a century. I devoured her pussy for 45 minutes bringing my horny granddaughter to five orgasms in the process.

“I need you inside me now grandpa. Fill my little pussy with your enormous cock. I need your hot dick deep in my pussy!” Amy cried.

I was very pleased to see her lie prone on the bed inviting me to enter her dripping pussy.

“Spread your pussy wide for grandpa. Pull it open with both hands as wide as you can to help grandpa get his big cock in your tiny pussy.” I said.

She spread herself as wide as she could.

“How’s this grandpa, is this wide enough?” She asked.

“We’ll soon find out.” I said.

I placed the head of my cock at the entrance of her wide spread pussy and I slowly pushed in until the head was completely inside her.

“Okay, you can move your fingers.” I said. “ Now I’m going to push in to you. If it hurts tell me and I’ll stop.”

“Okay grandpa.” Amy said.

I pushed my cock slowly into her tight pussy. The sounds she made on that first drawn out penetration still echo in my head. They were so lustful and erotic and oh so sexy. She didn’t protest once even though I could see the agony on her face as my massive member forced its way deeper and deeper into her most intimate of places.

I bottomed out and I could feel her ass against my balls. I stayed buried all the way in her love tunnel for what seemed like an eternity, then.

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“Grandpa, I may be new at this, but this doesn’t actually count as fucking does it?” Amy asked.

“No, I’m just savoring the feeling. I haven’t been in a woman’s pussy for a very long time.” I said.

“You can put your dick in me to savor the feeling anytime, but right now I need fucked bad.” Amy groaned.

“Okay baby girl. If you need fucked bad, grandpa will fuck you bad.” I said.

I began ramming her cunt very hard. Having already cum once I had to work hard to get back to another orgasm so I took my time. Amy however has a hair trigger on her pussy and she had so many orgasms that they flowed into each other until it seemed like she was having one continuous orgasm for ½ an hour.

Somewhere in there she lost control of her bladder and I felt a steady warm gush pouring out of her and leaving a massive puddle on her bed.

My mouth found both of her nipples and her mouth and they were all delicious and inviting. After giving Amy one continuous orgasm for over an hour I could feel my pressure building.

“I’m about to cum.” I said.

“Give it to me Grandpa. Shoot your hot cum deep inside me.” Amy said.

My cock erupted like a volcano deep inside Amy’s pussy. My cock belched forth so much cum that it was pouring out even before my cock stopped spurting. I collapsed on top of her and she gave me a big hug and kissed my neck and shoulders as my cock softened and pulled itself out of her pussy.

I rolled off of her and she began rubbing her clit with one hand while easily stuffing four fingers from her other hand into her pussy a few times then putting them in her mouth and then back to her freshly fucked pussy.

“Damn, after all that you’re still masturbating?” I asked.

“Grandpa, it felt so good that I don’t want it to end, but my hand is not nearly as good as your big cock. When do you think you’ll be able to go again?” Amy asked, as she massaged my cock.

“It usually takes a few minutes but it could be quicker if you suck the blood back into it.” I said.

“With pleasure.” Amy said.

She took my limp dick in her mouth and began sucking it and sure enough soon I was rock hard again.

“Get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you from behind.” I said.

“Doggiestyle? Sounds fun.” Amy said.

She got in position and I inserted my cock into her well-lubed pussy and began fucking her again. Again she came like she had a busted pipe inside her. After 45 minutes my cock shot another load of hot cum into her pussy. This time I kept fucking not letting my cock go limp.

“Fuck me! Rip me wide open! Fuck me so hard that cum runs out my nose!” Amy screamed.

“Lean back so I can get my hands on your tits.” I said.

She leaned back and I groped her tits and pinched and twisted her nipples as I continued to fuck her pussy. I came again and we took a break to catch our breaths.

“So what else do I have that you can fuck?” Amy asked.

“Well, there’s always anal sex.” I said.

“Maybe, what else?” Amy asked.

“Your tits.” I said.

“My tits? How do you fuck my tits?” Amy asked.

“I stick my dick between your tits, you wrap them around my shaft and move them up and down to pretty much stroke me over the edge with your tits.” I said.

“That sounds interesting, let’s try that.” Amy said.

I sat down on the edge of the bed so she could get the best angle and she got on her knees and positioned herself close to my cock, which was now partially stiff and twitching. She clutched it in her hand and rubbed the head on both of her nipples creating the desired effect of a fully erect member. She then put it between her tits and began fucking my cock with her tits.

“Hey, if I hold my head like this I can get the first couple of inches in on each stroke and suck while I fuck you with my tits.” Amy said.

She began doing it and it felt great. After awhile and after holding out as long as I could.


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