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The Job

Author: Zipado321
Category: Incest_Stories
Last updated: Jan 25, 2010

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It's just a job, I've been telling myself for 4 months now. There's a market out there, I'm good at it, the pay is great, and the hours are short. My name is Anne and I'm a 22 year old college student who is a thousand miles from home. I get paid to give blow jobs, but I don't swallow ever. It's a long story to say how I got here--too long to tell here. Now personally I don't think that I'm a whore--whores are women who stand on the corner and get underpaid and STDs. Me, I work for a high class outfit. There is no pimp threatening us to work harder and longer. All of the girls work just as much as we want and there is never any pressure. And all of the girls do only what we want. Like I said, I just do blow jobs and nothing more, not even swallowing. My madame is always telling me that someone my age, with my body and energy, someone like that could make great money being paid for sex. But, I don't know... for me that's kind of crossing the line. I know how to give great head, guys respond really well to me, so I get in, make my money, and get out.

There was one night that was different from all the rest. I was in the shower of a strange hotel room, getting ready for the guy's 7 o'clock appointment. He wasn't there yet--that's often how we do things when the guy wants a "fantasy package," and that's definitely how we were doing it for this guy. Apparently he was really well known by my madame as a good guy, a big spender, and, most importantly to me, a great tipper. Sometimes he ordered a strip show, or two girls making out, or a hand job. But this was his first time calling for a blow job, and I was the lucky girl to get his money. My madame called me with instructions of the particulars and said a key would be waiting at the hotel's front desk. Just as she told me to do, I went early to get ready.

I was washing the conditioner out of my straight, black hair when I remembered that I needed to shave my pussy. I didn't have much--my lips are waxed bare but I've got a neat, black triangle of hair above them--but for the guy that night I needed to be totally hairless. So I shut off the shower, stepped out, and went into the empty hotel room for my bag. On the way back to the bathroom, I saw myself in the full-length mirror and stopped to smile. I've always been damn cute and that night was no exception: 5'4", 118 pounds, perky 34B boobs, fair skin and blue eyes, and an ass that was looking especially good after my two mile run earlier in the day.

As usually, I needed to decide where I was going to shave my pussy. There's never a perfect place to sit and be comfortable while it's being done. I filled my left hand with shaving cream and absentmindedly started to rub it into my pussy hair while I was deciding where to shave. I ended up sitting on the edge of the tub so I could run the bath water hot and slow. It only took a few minutes to do. It wasn't a large area of hair and I had been keeping it short anyway; what took the longest was re-shaving a few times against the grain to get myself so soft that it was if there wasn't any hair growing.

You might be asking why it was that I was shaving my pussy when all the guy ordered was a blow job. He did order just a blow job--and a fantasy. It sounded a little strange to me when I got the call, but like I said it's good money. I was told that for the time I was with the man, I would be Nicole, an 18 year old bare, innocent virgin, and his daughter. I was told where to be sitting when he came back to his room, how I should be dressed, and how I should look.

When I was done shaving I looked at my watch and realized that I needed hurry up since he'd be back soon. I washed the remaining spots of shaving cream off of my now-smooth pussy, then took out my bottle of then took out my bottle of Pink Blushing body lotion. In this line of work, Victoria's Secret is the only way to go. I took my time rubbing into my legs, my ass, my arms, and my hands and breasts. I knew he'd be there any minute, so I shut the bathroom door, hurrying to finish in there. Out of my bag I took a pink, sheer babydoll and its matching string bikini panties. I heard the hallway door open and I jumped, hoping that he didn't want to start yet. I heard him pause, taking the "do not disturb" sign off the door--my way of telling him that I was there. I heard him come in and shut the door... them start to pace a bit. I figured that I had two minutes and raced to get done. I pulled the babydoll over my head, then faced the mirror and put my black hair into two long pigtails coming out of the sides of my head. I quickly pouted my lips and put too much lip gloss on, knowing that he'd like it.

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Then it was time for me to get ready for the final part of his fantasy. Still with my panties in my hand, I went to the toilet and opened it. I didn't need to go, but I nonetheless sat down. I then raised my right foot, hooking the panties around my ankle. I smiled at the feeling of the cool air on my naked pussy and reminded myself of the role I was going to be paid for. I lowered my right foot and put my left one through the panties. I sat there in the silence, looking at my panties around my feet, my body practically naked and looking 18, my brown nipples hard in anticipation of tonight's work. I closed my eyes, reminding myself that when he was ready to cum I would shoot him onto the babydoll. I put my hands onto the toilet seat and took a breath in.

The door burst open and I yelled "Daddy! I'm peeing, you dick!"

The man looked kind and about 55 and had steely-gray hair. He was wearing a white hotel bathrobe and looked to be a tiny bit overweight, but he was nonetheless a handsome man. He looked at me and paused and I wasn't sure if he was truly stunned at the sight of me, or playing along, or whatever. Then his face turned angry. "What did you say, Nicole?"

"Get out, you stupid dick!"

He started to come towards me. "Never, ever speak to your father like that!" He slapped my cheek, much harder than I thought he would. For a split second I was angry, but then I realized that I didn't mind the sting.

"Oww! Fucking dick! Get out!!!"

He raised his hand and I flinched, unsure if he'd hit me again. He looked at me for a moment, then asked sternly, "What did you call me?"

I looked embarrassed and stared down at the pink panties that were stretched around my open ankles. "I'm sorry, Daddy," I said quietly. "Would you please leave the bathroom? I'm using the toilet."

"Nicole, look at me." I raised my head and he continued. "What did you call me?"

"A dick, Daddy."

He glared down at me. "That's quite a dirty mouth you've got on you for a girl who just turned 18, Nicole."

I looked down at my feet and panties again. "Yes Daddy... I'm sorry." Suddenly I felt something hit my cheek and I knew it wasn't his hand. I looked up and his robe was open; he had just hit me in the face with his dick. I gasped and I felt him grasp one pigtail, pulling my head and my mouth to his cock.

"A dirty mouth is only good for one thing," he said coldly, but eagerly.

I didn't resist and suddenly it was time for me to earn my money. I ran my tongue up the underside of his penis and very faintly sensed the taste of conditioner. I thought to myself that he must have been busy in the shower the night before. I heard him groan, then I pushed my mouth over his cock, covering it. I let the whole length of my tongue rub against his cock, very slowly, very warm, and very wet.

"Ohh... you're so good at this, Nicole."

He tugged at my pigtails and I looked up at him. I knew he was enjoying this; I knew he was getting his money's worth. I pulled my mouth up a bit so the top half of his penis is still in my mouth. I made my lips tight around him and started to bob my head up and down. I took his hips in my hands and pulled him a bit closer. I concentrated on the pleasure that I was being paid to give him and I closed my eyes. This was all so wrong; his fantasy was so perverted and I had done so much to give it to him exactly as he had called for. I wanted him to feel that I was confused with him, that I loved him, that I wanted him to be happy. It was then that I realized I was starting to enjoy this man's twisted fantasy myself. I went faster, taking more of him into my mouth. I felt him lightly stroke my cheek and I open my eyes to look up at him.


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