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The Nurse's Tale

Author: Zipado321
Category: Lesbian_Stories
Last updated: Aug 13, 2008

Rated 6.4 with 72 ratings
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Leia was one of those girls who was gorgeous, and she knew it. With an angelic face and a petite body that was 5'3" tall, she hardly looked like she was old enough to be a high school senior--except for her 34C chest that she made sure was always prominently displayed. She enjoyed being noticed, and that was why she was a cheerleader, yearbook editor, class treasurer, and in the chorus. She was a leader, she was busy, and she didn't take crap from anyone, even if that gave her a reputation among the lesser beings in high school as a bitch.

But even the high school star must follow the most mundane rules.

Leia had twice missed her appointment with the school nurse for the final physical and check-up. The first time, she had recently had her hair done and wasn't inclined to have it messed up; the second appointment she had intended to go to but instead spent the time getting caught up with a final tally for the senior party. The third time, she arrived at English class and was told to go to the nurse's office immediately. For different reasons, today was no good either; Leia knew that she could explain it away to the nurse.

The nurse, Rebecca Green, was a fit and pretty brunette who looked good for 42. She always was sympathetic to the students--with the pressures of academics, getting into college, and the like, the state-mandated health tests were a bother to students and nurses alike across the state. But the tests had to be done, and Rebecca was happy to finally get it over with Leia.

On the way to the nurse's office, Leia had touched up her make-up, added a little lip gloss, and made sure her hair was just right. She had practiced what she would say to the nurse, and it was an honest excuse too: "I know I've missed the appointments before, but today just isn't good. You see," then Leia would pause and smile her I'm-chipper-and-oh-so-busy smile, "I wore some rather personal under things today."

Leia opened the door and Rebecca smiled. "Ah, Leia... at last. You can--"

"Nurse Green, pardon me," Leia interrupted. "I know I've missed appointments before, but--"

Rebecca walked forward, saying "No but's today," and shut the door. "Please go behind the screen and remove your slacks and blouse."

Leia, undeterred, smiled that smile and said "It's just that today I've worn some rather personal under things." She paused, sure that the nurse would understand.

Rebecca took a breath, and found herself sick of whiny brats like the one in front of her. "Leia, this is a confidential office. There's the screen. Go ahead."

Leia sighed a bitchy sigh and went behind the changing screen. Rebecca was always curious why students were so resistant of these tests. It was just a yearly check of height, weight, and to make sure they didn't have pink eye, scoliosis, or lice. Everyone always was fine and out in a few minutes.

"Nurse Green? Do you have a hangar for these pants?"

"Just set them over the edge of the screen, dear, that's fine."

Rebecca heard Leia pause, thinking. Just throw them over the screen, Rebecca thought.

Leia said, as though it was obvious enough, "It's just that these are Jacquard pants... from Neiman Marcus?" It was the next comment that put Rebecca over the edge. "It's a rather fine store."

Rebecca had had enough, but knew not to show it. She stepped behind the changing screen, startling the young girl. "Here, dear, I'll lay them in my office." Rebecca smirked, for sure enough, Leia was wearing a very sheer, very see-through black bra. Leia blushed a bit and turned her back to the nurse and lowered her pants, and Rebecca's smirk turned into a grin. The girl was wearing the matching thong. Leia handed Rebecca the pants and Rebecca said "I'll just put these on my desk. Please step to the center of the room. Don't worry, no one can see... the windows are frosted." Rebecca stepped into her office, laying the pants down. She paused and picked up a rubber glove and a container of something, then returned to the main room. "Your pants will be just fine."

Leia smiled, clearly very uncomfortable. She was standing in the sunshine, her arms not-so-casually covering her breasts and her hands folded her near crotch.

Rebecca slid the glove and container into her pocket, then took out her stethoscope. "That's quite the... adult... lingerie collection you've got on."

Leia blushed. "Well, we're not changing for gym since we've got health classes." She paused then blurted out "I'm not doing it to impress anyone. I'm not into high school boys."

Rebecca laughed and walked over her. "Yes, well you graduate in four months. I guess they're beneath you. Arms at your side please." Leia looked up at the ceiling and did so, feeling very naked. Rebecca pressed the cold stethoscope hard onto Leia's chest; Leia jumped and Rebecca said warmly, "I'm sorry about that, hon." Leia closed her eyes, for as Rebecca moved around, listening to Leia's heart, the student's nipples started to get hard. Leia started to burn bright red and Rebecca said matter of factly, "Don't be embarrassed. Hardening nipples is a very natural reaction. I've seen it happen before in the girl's I've inspected. Of course, I'm seeing quite a lot more of yours."

"Are we done yet?"

Rebecca paused, biting her tongue. "Yes. Now turn around and I'll check your back for scoliosis." Leia turned her back to the nurse. "That's a lovely thong. Where is it from?"


As Rebecca spoke, she silently put on the rubber glove. "Leia, I'm admiring your thong panties. They're very lovely. Where are they from?"

"Victoria's Secret."

"Ah, I thought so. I love the things that they have in there," she said while quietly opening the container and dabbing some vaseline onto her rubber glove. "Unfortunately, the thong is preventing me from seeing your back the way I need to. You'll need to slide it off momentarily."

Leia was stunned, then said, "Oh, like this?" She pulled the waistband of the thong down so that it sat snugly right underneath the curve of her butt.

Rebecca sounded annoyed. "No, I mean like this," and she hooked both thumbs into the waistband and pulled the girl's panties to the floor. Leia gasped and bent down to get her panties. Rebecca's hand in the rubber glove shot out and suddenly Leia felt pressure on her anus. "Don't move."

Leia started to stand up and Rebecca pushed part of her finger in. Leia cried out in pain; this was new to her.

"I said, don't move little girl. I've had enough of your mouth, so be quiet too." Rebecca easily pushed her finger in all the way up to the hand. Leia gasped, but this time it wasn’t from pain. "Let me guess... your first time?"

"Uh huh."

"What? Answer me properly!"

Bent over, her hair in here eyes, Leia stammered "Yes, Nurse Green... it's my first time... there."

"Your first time what?" Rebecca wiggled her finger.

"Ahhh! My first time with something in my ass."

Rebecca grinned broadly. "Oh yes, you're too much of a goodie two shoes for this sort of stuff."

"If you stop now, I won't tell anyone," Leia said confidently.

Rebecca laughed softly and Leia grimaced as she felt Rebecca's finger turning in her. Suddenly the girl felt other fingers softly rubbing the lips of her pussy. "Well," said Rebecca, "you're not that much of a goodie two shoes. Totally shaved, hmm?"

If thing's weren't bad enough, Rebecca ran her hand up Leia's back and undid her bra; Leia, already embarrassed, was now fully naked and fully humiliated. "This isn't right," Leia whispered.


Suddenly there was more pressure on Leia's asshole. Rebecca was trying to put another finger in.

The older woman spoke forcefully. "I said relax."

"It hurts."

"I don't care," and she pushed harder, making Leia cry out as the second finger entered. "Besides, I can tell that you're not just feeling pain," she said while running her thumb along the girl's moist, hairless, naked pussy.

Leia realized that the nurse was correct: this was so incredibly wrong... but then why did it feel so incredibly right? It was pleasure that made her moan when she felt the nurse's fingers slowly starting to move in and out of her. As they moved into her, the fingers would open a bit, stretching her. It did hurt a bit... but it felt good too. "Wh-why are you doing this?"


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