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At The Hotel

Author: Zrob
Category: Loving_Wives
Last updated: Sep 25, 2008

Rated 7.5 with 39 ratings
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"Hello?" she said. "It's my husband!" she mouthed silently to Marcus who remained seated on the couch, his robe thrown open.

"So!" Marcus mouthed back, irritated at his timing.

Randi frowned and turned her back "Yea, that would be okay" she said into the cell "Either night would work for me."

When she turned back around she found Marcus pointing his hard cock at her, frowning comically. Randi rolled her eyes, a thin smile forming on her beautiful face, and walked slowly towards her lover.

"Okay, sure . . .sure" she said kneeling between his legs, "No, I'm still shopping . I should be home in an hour" she hesitated before adding quickly "or two."

Smiling lustily up at Marcus, she began to slowly stroke his cock as she continued her conversation with her husband. Moments later, staring intently at the long, hard monster she held in her hand, she said "I love you,too!" before flipping the phone shut, tossing it on the couch and eagerly swallowing his entire cock into her warm, wet mouth once again.

As Randi's head bobbed rhythmically up and down and his lap, Marcus placed his hand on her head. Leaning back, Marcus closed his eyes and listened to Randi moan and snort as she made love to his dick.

Randi raised up, her eyes locked on Marcus, then she slowly licked his shaft from its base, ending with a wet kiss on its bulbous head. Marcus helped her to her feet and led her to the bedroom.

Marcus pulled her top off and threw it on the bed. Randi kissed him and pushed the robe off his shoulders, allowing it to pool at his feet. She ran her hands gently over his tight, smooth body; across the breadth of his shoulders and down his heavily muscled arms. Her fingers traced a line down his chest, over his flat belly then creeped back to cup his hard ass cheeks. She pushed Marcus onto the bed and slowly removed the rest of her clothing. Marcus watched her hungrily, but when she finished and kneeled on the bed, he stopped her.

"Wait. Do me a favor and slip those shoes back on."

Randi smiled and picked up her heels. Taking a seat on a cushioned chair across from the bed, she made a show of putting the slingbacks back onto her feet, running her hands slowly up her shapely legs. She stood and turned, legs spread slightly, looking over her shoulder at Marcus.

"You like these baby?" she teased as she modeled for her lover, her hands moving lewdly over her jutting breasts, then lower, her fingers tracking the moist slit between her legs.

"Get over here and I'll show you!" Marcus replied, his voice heavy with desire. Randi smiled and walked over to the foot of the bed. She crawled between his legs, his hard cock rubbing against her naked body, and then further up the bed where Marcus crushed her in a strong embrace.

He rolled Randi over on her back, kissing her deeply, his fingers began tracing a trail up one of her firm thighs to her trimmed bush. He used the heel of his hand on her swollen clit before plunging his thick middle finger into her sopping wet hole. Randi began to rotate her hips on the bed in response to his manipulations. When Marcus added a second finger and began to vigorously rub the interior of her pussy wall, the sexy MILF began to moan loudly pulling Marcus deeper into their hot embrace, her tongue thrust into his mouth.

Marcus shifted and positioned himself between her outstretched legs. He lifted himself on his hands as Randi reached between them and placed his big cock against her willing pussy. Marcus entered her slowly and easily, her cunt now accustomed to his cock's bulbous head. Randi's body felt like she had been hit with an electric current, moaning loudly and moving eagerly beneath him. Marcus withdrew his cock completely and entered her slowly again, then several more times driving the married mother of two wild in anticipation of the fucking she was about to receive. When he finally shoved his entire length into her tight tunnel and began to lustily fuck her, Randi's head began to thrash back and forth on the bed, her eyes screwed shut.

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"OHHH . . . That feels so fucking good! Baby, I love your big, hard, cock inside of me!"

As Marcus continued fucking her with long, deep strokes, Randi hooked her heels around his calf muscles, locking her body under his, and began to move in rhythm with his thrusts. Randi's hand grasped the back of his thick arms as her hips ground against him in raw lust, her desire overwhelming her.

Her first orgasm hit her quickly, almost without warning, her legs wrapped tightly around her lover, her hands grasping his straining ass as she writhed underneath him.

"AHHHH . . . FUCK . . .BABY . . .SHIT . .!

I'M CUMMING ON YOUR BIG BEAUTIFUL COCK!!" Randi shouted as Marcus continued to pound into her.

Marcus covered her mouth with his to quiet her, Randi grabbing the sides of his face as they kissed, her orgasm beginning to subside. Marcus broke their kiss and withdrew his cock from Randi, rolling off her.

"Get up on your hands and knees!" he ordered directing Randi to face the foot of the bed.

Randi positioned herself as instructed and felt Marcus place one hand on her upraised ass. She felt the head of his thick cock against her pussy lips briefly before he shoved his entire length into her slit. Randi's head arched back sharply as she fell into the rhythm of his thrusting. Somehow, his cock felt even bigger and harder in this position and Randi's pussy seemed competely full. Marcus grabbed her by the waist and the sound of his six-pack smacking her ass cheeks filled the room as they fucked wildy.

Randi opened her eyes and saw their reflection in the large mirror over the dresser. Looking back at her was a middle-aged white woman being seriously fucked by a muscular black man, half her age. A sheen of sweat covered his body highlighting the the definition of his body. As Marcus continued to fuck her, Randi thought back to earlier in the week when she had helped with her daughter's Valentine's Day party at school. None of the other mothers would recognize her as she know appeared: whipping her long hair around, shouting profanities , driving her ass back to meet her young lover's thrusts, her breasts swinging lewdly beneath her. She barely recognized herself; her lips shining wetly, eye make-up heavily applied , naked on the hotel bed except for her stilettos. She thought she looked like a Vegas hooker or one of the girls in the porno movie her husband had brought home one time.

Marcus grunted behind her, fucking his cock into her even faster, his fingers now digging into her ass cheeks. Randi was not a stupid woman, nor was she naive. She knew that Marcus was a pussyhound who liked to fuck married women and that she was his latest conquest. She also knew there would come a time when Marcus would tire of her and move on, but she was all right with that. Although Marcus was her first lover, she had to admit that he likely would not be her last. She wasn't going to be able to put this particular genie back in the bottle. But for now, she was going to do everything in her power to keep him interested as long as she could. Marcus liked slutty, and she could do slutty.

She looked back over her shoulder at her young stud, his face intense, body sweaty, muscles bulging as he drove his long cock into her faithless pussy.

"You like doing me like this?" she asked sexily.

"Oh yeah . . .I like fucking you like this . . .I love looking at your fine, tight ass girl!" Marcus managed between hard thrusts.

"Ahhh baby . . .You fuck me soooo good . . . and your cock is soooo big! I love it!" Fuck me harder! That's it baby! FUCK ME HARDER!!!!!"

Marcus slammed into the older woman causing her ass cheeks to ripple with his force. Randi's orgasm hit her like a tidal wave, starting at her feet, up past her overheated pussy and her swinging breasts, leaving her glossy red lips in a stream of profanities.



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