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The Gift Ch.2

Author: zeke81
Category: Loving_Wives
Last updated: Apr 23, 2008

Rated 8.6 with 7 ratings
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Chapter 2: May

Note: This story is the continuation of The Gift so it will be easier to follow if you read that one first.

With the party reaching its climax with the announcement of Jeff's yearlong gift the girls all left leaving just Jeff, Hannah, and myself.

I could tell that we were all nervous so I poured us all a round of drinks. After several minutes of uncomfortable silence Jeff finally spoke up.

"Well this gift didn't exactly come with operating instructions, how are we gonna do this?" Jeff asked.

"Well, for the next month you can do whatever you want with me or to me." Hannah said.

"So are you gonna be living here? What are we gonna do about work? I do have a wife, is she supposed to just go away for the next year? I think we need to figure this stuff out before we get in over our heads." Jeff said.

That's so like him. He's always so cool about things and thinks them through before jumping in.

"Well, I suppose I could live here for a month, that'd be no problem for me. We both work very similar schedules so we'll have most of the same time off. As for what Rebecca should do, I think this gift is as much for her as it is for you, so she should be as involved as she's comfortable being." Hannah said.

"What do you mean by involved?" I asked.

"That would depend on you and how comfortable you are with the woman of the month. If you were comfortable with it you could decide to be fully involved and have a month long threesome. Or if you didn't want to participate at all you could trade houses with the woman of the month and just disappear until the next month. Those are the extremes of course, and you could be anywhere in between. I know from talking to them at the party that Heather and Ashley have said that you have to be present for their months. You could be a spectator for 12 months if you're comfortable with that." Hannah said.

"Better than that she could be a camera person. She could use my video camera to capture the action on film." Jeff said.

"That's a great idea. You see sis, your level of participation is up to you, but your husband wants you to be there to get the enjoyment of seeing him enjoy his gift." Hannah said.

"Okay, I'll videotape it, but I'm not sure about being more involved than that. I mean I'm not bisexual." I said.

"With all the pussy you're gonna get over the next year you might be a hardcore lesbian by the end of this thing." Hannah laughed.

"I can guarantee that will never happen." I said.

"Tell me that a year from now." Hannah said.

"Well it's been a couple of hours since I was told that my wife wants me to fuck 12 beautiful women and the more I think about it the hotter I get so go grab the video camera so we can get Hannah out of those clothes." Jeff said.

I grabbed the video camera made sure it was ready for a long use and returned to the living room.

"Okay Hannah, strip for me." Jeff said.

"Do I get some music?" Hannah asked.

I hit play on the stereo and my sister probably became the first woman in history to do a striptease to Beethoven. She moved quite gracefully for a woman that was removing tight jeans and a skintight top.

She was wearing a matching red bra and panty set that really made her long red hair pop. When she took her bra off her breasts were beautiful. Her nipples were cute rosy pink little cones. The panties she was wearing were a thong that she peeled off slowly while facing away from Jeff and bending at the waist.

I had never seen a woman from this angle, it was amazing. Looking between her legs I could see the lips of her pussy. When she turned around she hooked her panties on the end of her left foot and lifted her leg straight out in front of her to offer them to Jeff.

He took them, lifted them to his nose and took in the aroma of her most intimate of areas.

"Since you've got me playing stripper how about a lap dance?" Hannah asked.

Jeff simply smiled and repositioned himself to allow her to better perform the lap dance.

Do You wanna have Your personal russian slut?

I had heard about lap dances, but I had never seen one so when my little sister stepped up onto the couch straddling my husband's legs I was amazed.

Her perfectly shaved crotch was right at the level of Jeff's eyes and he tilted his head back as she wiggled her hips and moved her pelvis forward and backward slowly rubbing her pussy on his forehead.

She then lowered herself to her knees so that her breasts were in Jeff's face. She rubbed her breasts all over his face and did a fast little jiggle that quickly slapped him on either side of his face with the inner curvature of her breasts.

She then began grinding her crotch against his. I am no expert, but I would say that my baby sister had given a few lap dances in her time.

She turned around so that her ass was pushed back into Jeff's crotch and continued to grind.

I was more surprised than impressed with what Hannah was doing, but she seemed to be doing it well because Jeff had a huge smile on his face.

Hannah ground her crotch against his for a few minutes then she stood up, spun around, and sat down on the coffee table.

"How was that? I'm a little out of practice, I haven't given a lap dance since college so I hope I wasn't too rusty." Hannah said.

"That was great." Jeff said.

"You were a stripper in college?" I asked in disbelief.

"Oh lighten up sis. So I stripped, it's not like I was a prostitute." Hannah said.

"It's just that I had no idea." I said.

"That's in the past and all that matters right now is how good she is at sucking cock." Jeff said.

My sister proved to be up to the challenge as she undid Jeff's belt and opened his pants with only her mouth. When she reached into his boxers and pulled out Jeff's cock Hannah gasped.

"Oh my. You weren't kidding, he is huge." Hannah said as she gently fondled Jeff's 9 1/2-inch super thick cock.

Hannah slowly stroked the entire length of Jeff's cock as it stiffened in her hands. She flicked her tongue on the tip and kissed all around the head. She then began licking the entire length from the base to the tip.

After treating Jeff's cock like some heaven sent lollipop for nearly ten minutes she opened her mouth and sucked the head between her lips.

For the next twenty minutes or so Hannah bobbed her head up and down on Jeff's cock as her hands stroked his shaft and massaged his balls. Her hard work was rewarded with a hot blast of thick sticky cum into her mouth.

"Mmm, that was tasty." Hannah said licking her lips.

"I'm glad you liked it, it's the house specialty." Jeff said.

"So how about taking care of me?" Hannah suggested.

"I've got a better idea. Why don't we have your sister take care of you." Jeff suggested.

"What?! No way." I said.

"Oh come on baby, I know she's your sister, but it isn't like you're gonna get her pregnant or anything." Jeff said.

"It's not that she's my sister, that doesn't bother me, after all I did set you up to fuck your sister, cousins, and even your own daughters. I don't want to do this because she's a woman, and I'm not bisexual, I told you that." I said.

"I know, I'm not asking you to become a lesbian, just to open yourself to new experiences. I know for a fact that tonight is the first night that either of us has had any kind of sex with someone besides each other. All I want is for you to share in this wonderful gift you have given me. If you do it this once and decide that you never want to do it again I won't ask you, but I think that if you do this you just might find that you enjoy it. Maybe not enough to seek women out for sex, but enough to be an active part of the activities of the next twelve months." Jeff said.

The smooth talking son of a bitch, he could talk me into anything. Of course I would have sex with women if he wanted me to. I'd do it even if I absolutely hated it, I simply can not say no to that man.

"Okay, I'll try it, but remember your promise, if I don't like it you won't ask me anymore." I said.


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