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I Came Home Early

Author: zeke81
Category: Voyeur_and_Exhibitionist_Stories
Last updated: Apr 4, 2008

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I left on a Wednesday for a business trip leaving my wife Kate and our 18-year-old daughter Lisa home by themselves. The trip was supposed to last a week and I wasn't expected home until the next Friday because I was going to see an old friend while I was there.

It turned out that the business end of the trip went really quickly and we had everything wrapped up by the end of Thursday. I called my friend and we met up on Friday, but he had a business trip of his own to leave on Saturday morning so I decided to head home. Figuring that showing up unannounced on Saturday instead of the following Friday would be a good surprise for my wife and I figured we could have a romantic evening.

So I headed home on Saturday expecting to surprise my wife and daughter, but I was the one that was surprised. When I pulled into my driveway there were several cars there, I recognized many of them as belonging to my daughter's friends.

I entered the house quietly, wanting to extend the surprise as much as possible. In the living room I found a peculiar sight, the floor was littered with clothes. I thought that Lisa's friends must have stayed over on Friday night.

I quietly crept from room to room trying to find my wife and surprise her. I was in the hall looking into Lisa's room when I heard a noise coming from my home theatre room. I crept down the hall and peered in through the partly opened door.

On my projection screen was a porno of a woman that I recognized using a dildo to get herself off. It took me a minute to realize that the woman was my wife's sister Julie, she was younger, and her hair was different but it was definitely Julie.

In the well-lit room I could make out the backs of the heads of seven women. Two were easily identified as Kate and Lisa by their long blonde hair. I thought about Lisa's friends in my mind and decided that the girl with the short blonde curls was Heather, the long black hair belonged to Kim, the two shoulder length brunettes were Rachel and Beth, and the red head was Nicole. Each of these girls is gorgeous and I have seen them all in skimpy outfits over the years as my house is the place that they have hung out since middle school.

They were facing away from me and would have no idea I was there unless they turned around so I settled in and watched the action on the screen. My sister in law had always provided a sexual attraction for me and now here she was on screen larger than life, spread eagle, and fucking herself with a dildo.

After awhile she pulled the dildo out of her pussy and that was when I realized that this was no ordinary home made porno.

"Another good way to stimulate yourself with a dildo is to use it in your asshole. I recommend the use of a lubricant, especially for beginners." Julie says.

"Here are some bottles of lubricant girls." My wife said.

That was when I realized that the seven women watching the action on the screen were copying Julie's movements using dildos on themselves.

Julie was lubing her dildo and her asshole, and from the sounds coming from the row of girls, so were they.

"Now if you've never done this before you may feel a good deal of pressure as you push the dildo into your asshole, but once it is open wide enough your anus will allow the dildo to slide right in. There will be some pain at first, but it soon passes. Once you have the dildo in your ass, stroke it in and out slowly as you did in your vagina." Julie says.

I watched as my sister in law fucked her ass with the dildo and I could hear from the grunts and moans coming from the room that all of the girls are thoroughly enjoying this anal experience.

"For the next use of a dildo I will need some help so let me introduce my assistants Becky and Val." Julie said.

Becky and Val are my sisters, at the time this film had been made they would have been 25 and 21 respectively. As they came on screen I saw my sisters in a whole new light. They were both completely naked, except that Becky was wearing a strap on dildo.

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"This is not something you can do by yourself, but if you find yourself attracted to women but longing to have a nice hard cock inside you, this is the way to go as my assistants will demonstrate." Julie said.

Becky pushed Val onto her back and positioned herself so that the dildo was at the opening to Val's pussy. She pushed the dildo into Val's pussy and began fucking her. I watched mesmerized as my older sister used a strap on to fuck my younger sister.

"I want to try that." Heather said.

"We haven't got any of those here, my husband would get suspicious if I had toys specifically designed for one woman to use on another." My wife said.

Damn right I'd be suspicious, in all of our years of marriage I had never once suspected she had anything like this in her. I'd bought her several dildos and vibrators but those were to get herself off with while I was out of town. Now here she was showing a video to six 18-year-old girls of my two sisters using a strap on to fuck each other.

When Becky had finished fucking Val, Julie came back on screen.

"That is one way that a woman can make love to another woman. A better way will be demonstrated next, but to do it we need to change camera operators so we can get the master of this technique to demonstrate for you." Julie said.

Val took the camera and for the first time I saw what I had suspected all along, it was my own sweet wife Kate that had been filming this whole thing.

"This is Kate, and she is going to demonstrate the proper technique for eating pussy on Becky here as I describe what she's doing, and remember Kate is the best around at this so you are learning from the master." Julie said.

My wife proceeded to do a world class job eating my sister's pussy as Julie narrated, by the time the film was done the girls were begging my wife to demonstrate her skills in person.

"Please mom." Begged Lisa.

"Oh very well." Kate said.

She stood up, and I ducked out of view before she turned around. My vantagepoint, ruined I thought about where I could get a better angle from, but then I heard my answer.

"This will be much easier in the master bedroom, let's go girls." My wife said.

I quickly retreated out of their path. I went into the living room, which is as far from the bedroom as I could get. Knowing that they would be able to see me walking down the main hall of the door were left open, I made my way around through the kitchen and out onto the deck.

As I walked through the French doors into my office I spotted my video camera. I grabbed it and opened the secret door that led between my office and the bedroom via the master closet and a small hidden room that I had designed into the house.

I had never used the passageway in all my years in the house, but now, if things worked right, it would all pay off. I had designed secret peepholes into the passageway because I had always loved them in the movies. I opened the one that I knew looked down on our bed and I was never happier to have spent the extra money to build in that secret passage.

There on my bed were all six teenagers and my wife. They were all completely naked and five of the girls were watching closely as my wife buried her face in Kim's shaved crotch.

Over the next few hours the girls took turns using dildos and tongues on each other, all the while I was video taping it. When I thought it was safe I made my way out of the secret passage and back into the living room where I took my suitcase out of the hall and hid it in the closet. Then I hid my car down the street and then reassumed my place in the passageway. They were still at it and were showing no signs of stopping.

They stayed at it in the bedroom well into Sunday, and then they all fell asleep. Seeing this as my chance I went out of the house, got my car, put my suitcase in the hall, and went to the master bedroom to surprise my wife.

I fought back a smile as I stood outside the door. I turned the knob, and pushed the door open.


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