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Scuba Store

Author: Zoltar
Category: Voyeur_and_Exhibitionist_Stories
Last updated: Aug 23, 2008

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Bill signed up for a scuba class. At the class they suggested that they get diving 'skins'. These are skintight swimming suits that offer protection from whatever you might brush up against underwater. Plus they add buoyancy and warmth etc. But what Bill found out was that they offer little protection from prying eyes.

Bill found a Scuba store in the northern suburbs that was close to his place. When Bill walked in the store, he was greeted by a nice looking lady. She helped him get his fins, mask, snorkel etc, then she picked out the first skin. Bill was like jeez do you think that will fit? She answered, ‘ya, it's supposed to stretch and be tight, not too tight, but snug’, and then she smiled. She was about 40 or so, had a wedding ring on. Nice body, for a 40 year old. She was very busty with a little junk in the trunk, but not too much. She was sexy. Her eyes sparkled with kindness.

Jan watched him close the door. What dreamy eyes she thought. He was half her age! She was terrible! But he was so cute. She tried not to think about him removing his clothes just a few feet from her on the other side of the door. She made herself busy arranging some fins hanging on the wall and tried to clear her mind, but the more she tried, the more those nasty thoughts kept popping into her head.

Bill went into the changing room, which was much larger then your typical changing room, actually it doubled as a small office and classroom for the store. Bill put the skin on the table and stripped down to his boxers. Then he tried to get into this thing. It took a lot of effort. Unless you have put one on, you don’t know how tight these things are. Seriously, this thing looked like a spider man costume. It was like a second skin. Bill finally finished getting into this thing.

He looked at himself in the mirror. Good god! Not cool. The material did little to hide his bulge. In fact it kind of showcased it. Being very well endowed it looked like had a semi woody, but he didn’t. His penis was completely flaccid but it looked formidable under the tight thin material. What would it look like after getting in the water, he wondered. The ladies in his scuba class were sure going to get an eyeful he thought.

He was startled from his day dreaming, back to reality by a knock on the door. Then he watched horrified as the door knob turned and the door opened just a crack, ‘Hey Bill, what do you think? How does it fit?’

Summoning his courage he squeaked, ‘I, ah I don’t know, I’m new to this whole thing, it feels......way too tight’.

Being a good salesperson she knew he needed her advice, scuba diving is a serious thing. You need the right gear or you can get hurt. ‘Lets have a look’, Jan said as she pushed open the door.

Her eyes widened a little as she looked the suit over, or was she looking him over? She had this gleam in her eyes. She smiled and cooed, 'see Bill, I told you it would fit', and with that she took a closer look.

She asked how it felt, and Bill said it felt snug but he wasn't sure, since this was his first skin. Bill said, “I didn't know really how tight or loose it should be. “

‘Oohh no, it looks wonderful! It’s like they made this just for you! You might have a second career as a model.’ Jan laid it on thick, but the best salesperson, never lies, and she wasn’t! She meant every word! This guy was built like a Greek god. Through the tight skin she could see his chiseled muscle definition. Large, but in nice proportion. This guy was a stud she thought. She continued, ‘However, we need to be sure that each area is fitting right. You don’t want any loose spots. It should be like a second skin. Actually that is why they call it a dive skin. It shouldn’t be too tight, just snug all around.’

With that she knelt down and pulled on the skin by the ankles, then let it go and it snapped back, then she sort of smoothed it over. 'Looks good', she said, then she did the same but by the knee, then mid thigh.

Bill had been watching her eyes this whole time. They seemed to give equal time to the whole suit. It was like she didn’t even notice his bulge. And if she did, she was a professional and certainly not concerned with it. She was only concerned with how it fit and what Bill thought of it.

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But now as she was focusing her attention on his thighs he couldn’t really tell what she was looking at. She was right at cock level it would be hard for her to miss it.

What Bill didn’t know was, as Jan had opened the door it was all she could do to keep her composure. She tried to look over the suit without making it obvious what she was really interested in. Much like how a man tries to steal glances of a women’s chest during a conversation without getting caught. But being a woman she was much better at it, besides she had the excuse of looking at the scuba skin. But the glances she took were enough to make it perfectly clear that this guy was either hung or had a woody! Either way she didn’t mind. In fact she liked it. Her nipples were getting hard. She was getting hot and bothered.

She desperately tried to keep her composure. Focus. Focus. She told herself. Stop staring and check the fit.

She sank down to her knees and checked the fit for the ankles, the knees, the thighs, all a good fit she said. But she couldn’t help it, she looked, right in front of her was the outline of a large shaft at the end of which was a ridge making an indention in the material.

Still on her knees with her hand on his hip she looked up and smiled and said, ‘Ahem, ah, looks good so far’.

Her hand on his hip felt like it was burning through the material. Looking down at her it was everything he could do to keep from getting an erection. ‘Are you sure it’s not too tight?’

She took advantage of that to look him over some more. It was now pretty obvious where she was staring.. ‘No, it looks great!’

Dragging her eyes from his crotch to meet his gaze she said, ’But how does it feel? If it feels tight and constricting, then it’s not right, it should just feel snug.’

‘No I guess it’s okay, it’s snug, but not constricting, ya it’s okay’, Bill replied, a little unnerved at how she had said ‘No it looks great’, as she was looking at his groin area.

'Could you turn around please and we‘ll check the back side?' Jan asked.

Obediently Bill turned around.

Again Jan checked the fit but from the backside, starting at the ankles. As she did so she couldn’t help but admire his legs. They were thickly muscled, and she loved how his butt looked in this diving skin. She imagined what he looked like naked. Not hard to do seeing as how the skin revealed so much.

'hhhm okay, looks good turn around please.'

Bill turned back round. She asked a few more questions then asked if Bill would like to try on the other skin. Bill said ok.

She went and got it, and gave it to him. As she was walking out, she smiled at him as she closed the door.

As Bill tried this one on, he was now fantasizing. Jeez he thought, was she looking me over? No way he thought. She was much older then him and she were so professional. But her eyes. He remembered how he caught her staring at his crotch a few times. Well he thought mischievously. This time I’ll give her a little more to look at!

Nervously he not only took off the skin but he stripped off his boxers too. He felt a rush of adrenaline as he got out of them. Being naked in this strange place with this lady on the other side of the door was exciting yet scary. But a part of him wished she would just open the door and barge in on him like this. But prudence got the better of him and he got into the skin. He looked in the mirror and jeez. Without the boxers well. It was much like looking at a women with large breasts in a wet t-shirt. You can’t really see everything, but the shirt clings so much that you can see the roundness of the breasts and where the nipples are placed as they try to poke out of the material. This scuba skin was kind of like the male version of that. You couldn’t see everything, but if you looked closely you could CLEARLY see the outline of his genitals.


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